Steve Merril Sports

Steve Merril uses a combination of methods to get the most out of his picks. He has spent over 20 years refining his technique and studying the books so he can beat them on a consistent basis. And he has done that on more than just sports.

He has actually studied odds in poker, casino games, and the stock market. If there’s an element of chance in a game that can make money, Steve has studied it and perfected it. He understands every aspect of the gaming industry, not just capping.

Steve is also a handicapper who backs every pick with a full detailed report and analysis. It’s important to him that his subscribers understand why his picks fall where they do. Of course, some bettors may not care about rationale, if they have a solid track record.

And Steve most definitely has a solid track record. He has a dozen top five finishes since 2008, and 19 finishes in the top 10. That’s including #1 finishes in MLB and all sports in 2009. But he’s effective in every sport you’d want to put money on. NBA and college basketball are particularly strong for him, as six of his top 10 finishes are in those two.

Even now, Steve’s all sports streak stands at almost $5,000 in profit on a 56% win rate. His MLB and football streaks are standing at a stellar 63% and 64% win rate. There are few weak points in his capping ability. And that means there are few aspects where he won’t make you a healthy profit on your investment.