Odds to Win the 2021 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament & Final Four

College basketball futures tend to be even more unpredictable than futures in most other sports.  You have a huge field of potential teams to start with.  With just five starters and thirteen players in total on each team, there is potential there for one or two excellent players to overcome a team that has better talent overall.  College basketball teams are also notoriously streaky with regards to shooting, so if a team gets hot or cold at the right time their fortunes can change on a dime.  This is nowhere more apparent than the NCAA Tournament, where top teams often fall in the early rounds to smaller schools.

Vegas Betting Favorites to Win the Final Four & 2021 NCAA Tournament

Here’s a look at the projected Final 4 and championship matchups and winner based on current market odds.

2021 March Madness Futures Odds

Projected Final Four: Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Illinois

Projected Championship Matchup: Gonzaga vs Baylor

Projected NCAA Tournament Champions: Gonzaga

Be sure to check out the daily college basketball odds each night of the season to see if there is any value with these teams or others.

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