NBA Betting Guide: Choosing the Best Online Sportsbook for NBA Bets

At BetFirms, our goal is to give everyone the necessary tools to improve their NBA betting skills. Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced bettor, you should always be searching for an edge, and we know we can help you find that edge. When it comes to betting on the NBA, the sportsbook you choose can be the difference between a winning and a losing experience. What I have tried to do is compile a list of sportsbooks that I feel are the best way to bet on NBA. I know that each bettor has specific needs, so I have tried to narrow down the best books based on the values for which they each excel.

Reduced Juice on NBA Games

Bovada – One of the major reasons I hold an account at Bovada is for the reduced juice they provide on NBA games. Where many books have 10% (-110) juice on all of their NBA games, Bovada provides 5% (-105) juice on several games per night. While sometimes this is due to a line adjustment, there have been plenty of times when I have seen a number like the Lakers -6 -105 when they are -6 -110 at every other online book. This is a great way to take some of the advantage away from the sportsbook, particularly if you feel strongly about a game. I feel confident in recommending that you open an account at Bovada because I want you to be able to take advantage of the reduced juice that they provide.

More NBA Betting Resources

Everyone wants to win more often when they bet on the NBA, right? That’s why I have brought together a very special group of NBA handicappers to provide the average bettor with expert picks every night. Wondering which sportsbook has the best line on the game you want to bet tonight? BetFirm has you covered. We provide an excellent comparative odds feed that gives you the betting lines from several leading sportsbooks. Be sure to take a look around and explore the wide variety of information we’ve gathered to help improve your betting.

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