Info Plays

Let’s start with a simple series of questions. Do you like betting baseball? Do you like betting a lot? And do you like winning?

It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to answer most of those questions. And when you do, you’ll see the value of Info Plays. Info Plays puts out a lot of action, on a lot of sports, but right now, they are absolute fire in MLB.

How hot are we talking, exactly? Try a #3 finish in 2015, and a 15-month streak worth over $6,300 in profit on $100 bets. And that’s just the start. Because what happens if you don’t much care about MLB? Does that mean Info Plays is of no use to you?

Of course it doesn’t! Info Plays bets pretty much every sport well. They’re earned top 10 finishes in NFL, NBA, and college basketball and football as well. In NFL betting, they’re up to over $2,100 on their current streak, on a 95-67 record. In all sports, they’re hitting at a 54% rate. No matter what your specialty, there’s a good chance you’re making good money.

One of the best things about following Info Plays is that they live up to their name. You’ll never get a play from them without adequate background information.

These aren’t the kinds of guys who just post picks and say “trust me.” They work to earn that trust by doing painstaking research on each game, and explaining it. They don’t want you betting games without knowing why, so they bring you in on their rationale. That way you learn while you earn.