Las Vegas Favorites & Each Teams Odds to Win Super Bowl 55 in 2021


NFL futures odds are best described as the “odds to win the Super Bowl”.  These are the odds given to each team based on the probability they will win the Super Bowl.  As the season progresses the lines are updated to give a clear picture of who the favorite or favorites to win are.

After 50 years of waiting, the Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl LIV Champions! The Chiefs came back from a 10-20 deficit in the fourth quarter to defeat the San Francisco 49ers.  Almost immediately after the game, the odds per posted for next year’s big game. It should come as no surprise that the Chiefs are listed as the favorites. They have a great young quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, plus a ton of young, fast talent around him that should make them contenders for years to come.

Here’s a look at the projected division winners and playoff matchups given the current market odds.

2020 Projected Division Winners

AFC Division Winners

AFC East:  Bills
AFC North:  Steelers
AFC South:  Titans
AFC West:  Chiefs

NFC Division Winners

NFC East:  Redskins
NFC North:  Packers
NFC South:  Saints
NFC West:  Seahawks

AFC Championship

Chiefs vs Bills

NFC Championship

Packers vs Bucs

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Matchup

Packers vs Chiefs

Projected Winner

Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Futures: Odds to Win Super Bowl 55 (LV)

The Chiefs are currently the odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. They will face the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The change column represents how much the odds have moved since the last time they were updated.  The MOV included is that team’s average margin of victory, which is sometimes helpful in creating your own spread on a game.  The Odds column are the latest odds from BetOnline.  The Super Bowl column represents the implied no-vig probability that each team will win the big game.

Team 2020 Record Division 2020 MOV Odds Change Super Bowl
Chiefs 14-2-0 AFC West 6.9 -165 +365 59.91%
Buccaneers 11-5-0 NFC South 9.7 +140 +760 40.09%

What Were the Vegas Odds on the Most Recent Super Bowl?

The term “Vegas Odds” has come to encompass any betting line on the game, but it is important to remember that Vegas odds can differ from lines you might see online or from a local bookie.

Super Bowl LV Opening Betting Line

The “opener” is represents the first crack that oddsmakers take at giving what they think is a fair market price on each team.  Once this is set and money starts to come in on different bets, books adjust and the lines eventually settle in.

Opening Point Spread:  Chiefs -3.5 -110 / Bucs +3.5 -110
Opening Total:  Over/Under 57.5 -110
Opening Moneyline: Chiefs -170 / Bucs +150

Current Vegas Odds

For the Vegas odds we took a look at the major sportsbooks and found the the majority agreed with the odds at Caesar’s Palace. Almost every book has settled into the Chiefs -3 with -120 juice on that side. There are some slight differences in the total at spots like FanDuel, who have posted it at 55.5, where the consensus is 56.

Caesar’s Palace (consensus):  Chiefs -3 -120
Consensus Over/Under:  56 -110
Moneyline:  Bucs +145 / Chiefs -165

Current Offshore Odds

You won’t find much more variety at offshore books right now, either. The only number that really matters here is if anyone posts the spread at 3.5 points, which we could still see by game time.

Pinnacle:  Chiefs -3 -106 / Bucs +3 -104 || Over 56 -103/Under 56 -108
5Dimes: Chiefs -3 -115 / Bucs +3 -105 || Under 56 -110
Bovada:  Chiefs -3 -115 / Bucs +3 -105 || Over 56 -110
Moneyline (consensus): Chiefs -160 / Bucs +140

1st Half Spread & Total

First half odds allow you to bet only on the first half of the game.  The results are based on the score at halftime, regardless of what the final score ends up being.

1st Half Spread:  Chiefs -2.5 -105 / Bucs +2.5 -115
1st Half Total:  Over 27.5 -105/ Under 27.5 -115
1st Half Moneyline:  Chiefs -150/ Bucs +130

Super Bowl Props

By now everyone is familiar with the crazy props available on the Super Bowl each year.  You can bet on just about anything.  The length of the National Anthem, the coin flip, how many passing yards each quarterback will have, how many times the announcers will say certain words, etc., etc.  I’ve posted some of my favorites from Bovada below, however, there are simply too many to list here.

Will a non-quarterback throw a touchdown?
Yes (+1450)
No (-1900)

What will happen to the price of Bitcoin (BTC) During the Super Bowl?

Goes Up (-160)
Goes Down (+120)

Will there be a flea flicker attempted by either team?

Yes (+175)
No (-260)

Will any player propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game?

Yes (+550)
No (-1000)

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