Las Vegas Favorites & Each Teams Odds to Win Super Bowl 52 in 2018

The New England Patriots just completed the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Down 28-3, the Patriots rallied to force the first overtime ever in the big game, and they promptly capitalized on the momentum with a touchdown on their first drive of the extra session to beat the Atlanta Falcons, 34-28.

While bettors who took the Falcons and the under are still not fully recovered from those losses, there isn’t much time to dwell on the past. Oddsmakers at almost every sportsbook have already posted their odds on who is going end up on top next year. It’s time to take a look at those odds and find some value bets to consider even though we are still nearly a year away.

Odds to Win Super Bowl 52: Favorites & Long Shots

It’s no surprise that the Patriots are the Vegas favorites to win the 2018 Super Bowl. All they’ve done is win at least 10 games in a remarkable 14 straight seasons. They’ve been crowned AFC East champions now in 13 of the past 14 years, so they’re always right there with a shot. You’ll find the Patriots as the +400 favorites at Bovada.

The losing team this year was the Atlanta Falcons, and oddsmakers don’t exactly love their chances of getting back. They are currently +1200, tied with the Packers and Steelers for the third betting choices, and behind the Cowboys at +750. We saw how the Panthers struggled to bounce back from their championship game defeat, and it may prove to be just as tough for the Falcons given the way they lost that heartbreaker.

Oddsmakers clearly aren’t giving the Jets, Bears, Browns and 49ers any chance at all. They are the biggest long shots at +10000, and the Browns and 49ers in particular can be found at even higher prices at various books. Those two teams are in complete rebuild mode, while the Jets and Bears were both dumpster fires this past season as well.

Make sure and scroll down the page below this table to get my value bets to win Super Bowl 52.

Team Bovada BMaker betonline
Patriots +400 +475 +475
Cowboys +750 +900 +800
Packers +1200 +1065 +1100
Steelers +1200 +953 +1100
Falcons +1200 +1205 +1100
Seahawks +1400 +1003 +1200
Raiders +1400 +1619 +1600
Broncos +1600 +2016 +1600
Giants +2500 +2366 +2000
Chiefs +2500 +1904 +2000
Panthers +2500 +2528 +2500
Vikings +2500 +3908 +2500
Colts +3300 +3122 +2500
Titans +3300 +4500 +4000
Texans +3300 +3465 +3600
Cardinals +3300 +3400 +2800
Ravens +5000 +4500 +2500
Bucs +5000 +3493 +4000
Bengals +5000 +6000 +4000
Dolphins +5000 +4800 +5000
Saints +5000 +5000 +4000
Eagles +5000 +4800 +5000
Jaguars +6600 +7000 +8000
Bills +6600 +10500 +6600
Redskins +6600 +5300 +4000
Lions +6600 +6000 +5000
Chargers +6600 +6000 +5000
Rams +7500 +13000 +12500
Jets +10000 +13500 +12500
Bears +10000 +15000 +8000
Browns +10000 +23500 +30000
49ers +10000 +20000 +20000

My Predictions: Value Bets to Win the 2018 Super Bowl

I made the Falcons my value bet entering the playoffs this past season at +900 and they nearly came through for me. In fact, they should have beaten the Patriots if not for a couple of coaching gaffes down the stretch, in particular when they should have run the ball and kicked a field goal to go up two scores in the closing minutes.

Obviously to be a value bet, it can’t be on a favorite. So I’m not even going to consider the Patriots at +400 in the AFC or the Cowboys at +750 in the NFC. I’m looking at the teams below them that I feel have the best shot at winning the Lombardi Trophy in 2018. Let’s see what I have come up with.

AFC Best Bet Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs +2500 (2/9)

The Chiefs were one play away from advancing to the AFC Championship last season. It was the second straight year they made it to the Divisional Round. The Chiefs managed to make it this far despite key injuries throughout the season to the likes of Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Jeremy Maclin and Jamaal Charles.

If they can just stay healthy, the Chiefs have one of the best defenses in the NFL. They have an offense that does not turn the ball over, and that gives them a chance to take home a victory in every game they play in. Travis Kelce is emerging as a top tight end in the league, and Tyreke Hill is a threat to score a touchdown every time he touches the football. I like this price on the Chiefs at +2500 as there are five other teams in the AFC with equal or lower odds, which I think is too much.

NFC Best Bet Prediction: Minnesota Vikings +2200 (2/9)

No team was hit harder by injuries than the Vikings last year. They started 5-0 on the season and looked primed to win the NFC North. However, their offensive line turned into a complete mash unit, they lost Adrian Peterson for basically the entire season, and their defense suffered a rash of injuries as well. Top secondary players like Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes missed significant time.

Not to mention, Teddy Bridgewater was lost before the season even began, and he may not even be ready for the start of next season. But Sam Bradford proved to be a capable replacement and will return next season. If they get AP back it would be a bonus. But the offensive line will get significant upgrades in the offseason, and the defense will be among the best in the NFL when heathy. I think the Vikings are worth a look at +2200.