NBA Vegas Futures Odds & Finals Predictions to Win 2019-20 Championship


The Toronto Raptors captured their first ever NBA Finals championship for the 2018-19 NBA season with a shocking six-game win over the Golden State Warriors. Almost immediately after the game, sportsbooks started posting their odds for next season’s winner. Now that we’ve gone through this shortened regular season and modified playoffs, the Lakers and Heat are the final two teams remaining to battle it out for the championship.

The latest Finals odds from BetOnline are listed below.  The change column represents how much a team’s odds have improved or decreased since our last update (September 2, 2020).  The MOV represents the average margin of victory for each team last season. This number can be useful in setting your own point spread.  For example, the Heat (3.3) versus the Lakers (6.1) on a neutral court should have an approximate line of the Lakers -3.  This is of course only a starting point for the line, but it should give you a good place to start when estimating matchup odds. The percentage represented in the NBA Finals column is the implied no-vig probability of that team winning the championship this season based on the current market values.

Odds to Win the 2019-20 NBA Finals

Team Record Conference (Division) MOV Odds Change NBA Finals
Lakers 52-19 West (Pacific) 6.1 -350 +600 74.72%
Heat 44-29 East (Southeast) 3.3 +280 +1120 25.28%

Current NBA Playoffs & Finals Projections

Our projections are based on the latest odds to win the finals as of the most recent update.


Winner:  Los Angeles Lakers

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