NBA Season Win Totals (Over Under Wins Futures)

Before the start of every season, oddsmakers release projected win totals for every NBA team. You can bet whether each team will win more (over) or less (under) games than their projections. These can be solid wagers if you have a grasp on each team and their schedule. The drawback is that you have to wait until the regular season ends before collecting your winnings.

Along with the total set, both the over and under have a price associated with it.  For example, if the Warriors are listed at 63.5 wins with -130 on the under and +110 on the over, this gives you the indication that the betting market thus far has favored the Warriors at under 63.5 wins.

2020-2021 NBA Regular Season Win Totals

Win totals are listed below as available. This year’s odds to win the NBA Finals will display until win totals are up.

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