Expert Sports Handicappers

Welcome! If you are looking for someone to help you win more betting on sports, or you are just looking for an expert who can help you learn more about what it takes to win money consistently, you have come to the right place! We do not just let anyone onto our handicapping roster. Our cappers are either veterans in the industry, or young handicappers who have proven themselves by winning and providing excellent analysis on their recommended wagers.

Below are the documented records for all of our handicappers for the current year. If you visit this page in January, we do include the previous year's results with the current results to give you a fuller picture. The table is sorted by profit, so you can see just who has won $100 per game bettors the most money.

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Sc Score
1 Big Al McMordie $4,205 +2.8% 56.6% 652-500 2.54
2 Kenny Walker $3,547 +2.8% 52.2% 572-523 3.46
3 Dustin Hawkins $3,233 +1.9% 52.1% 760-698 2.40
4 Jeff Hochman $1,871 +10.6% 57.1% 88-66 10.03
5 R&R Totals $1,794 +2.2% 53.3% 374-328 1.78
6 Kyle Hunter $1,690 +2.7% 53.3% 301-264 2.07
7 Kevin Young $1,441 +1.5% 51.8% 420-391 0.18
8 Zack Cimini $1,412 +2.5% 52.7% 267-240 0.96
9 Info Plays $1,352 +0.9% 51.8% 641-596 0.04
10 Freddy Wills $1,305 +9.0% 56.2% 72-56 4.83
11 Sal Michaels $1,201 +0.9% 51.1% 561-536 0.01
12 Jack Jones $1,062 +0.9% 52.1% 546-501 0.44
13 Dave Price $1,022 +1.2% 52.8% 411-367 0.31
14 John Ryan $760 +2.3% 52.8% 153-137 0.66
15 Larry Ness $685 +0.6% 52.4% 526-478 0.00
16 Rocky Atkinson $456 +1.0% 52.9% 212-189 0.19
17 Jim Feist $287 +0.2% 52.6% 544-490 0.00
18 Totals Guru $220 +0.1% 52.1% 742-681 0.00
19 Mr. East $190 +0.7% 52.5% 125-113 0.17

We also have records going even further back than one year. Below are the best trends available for our handicappers in all sports. The profit margins are quite large, and these are with standard $100 per game bet on each tip they recommend. The since column clues you in to when the winning streak started.

There are several reasons why most people end up losing when betting on sports. One of those reasons is simply that they don’t have the time or inclination to scour through all of the statistical data that is available out there.

Our handicappers are full-time bettors, meaning they spend the time you don’t have to uncover the best possible bets on any given day.  All you have to do is sign up for their premium picks, log the same wagers, and win.

Another reason bettors lose is simply poor money management. The services at Betfirm narrow down their picks so that you know you are getting top-quality picks instead of just guessing on every game on the board.

We recognize that it is not easy to win by betting on sports and we will be the first to tell you that you are not going to win every single pick you follow on this site. There is just no such thing as a handicapper that hits 100% of their bets. Anyone who says differently is trying to scam you out of your hard earned money! With that being said, our tipsters do show their clients a profit over the long haul and we are confident in their ability to do the same for you!

Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices: