Vegas Odds to Win the 2022-23 College Football Playoff & Championship

The odds to win college football’s playoff have recently been updated.  The table below shows the futures odds on each team.

Vegas Betting Favorites to Win the 2022-2023 College Football Playoff

NCAA Football Playoffs Final Four

Projected Championship Matchup: Michigan v. Georgia

Projected Champion: Georgia

Odds to Win 2022-2023 CFB National Title

Our odds to win the College Football Playoffs this year include a few things you might not see in other places. The Margin of Victory (MOV) column shows each team’s average margin of victory for the season so far. While not an exact metric of the best teams, you’ll almost always see the teams with the biggest margin of victory near the top of the list. The change column represents how much the odds have moved since our last update. If this column says “none” it’s either a fresh update or no changes have been made over the last week. The last column in the table  (CFB Playoff) is the implied probability of each team winning the championship this year based on the current odds. We’ve taken out the hold (the percentage the book takes) in order to show a more accurate representation of the true probability implied by the posted odds.

Team 2022 Record Conference 2022 MOV Odds Change CFB Playoff
Georgia 13-0 SEC (East) 25.8 -125 +5 51.51%
Michigan 13-0 Big Ten (East) 26.7 +300 +400 23.18%
Ohio State 11-1 Big Ten (East) 25.3 +375 -125 19.52%
TCU 12-1 Big 12 13.1 +1500 +1000 5.79%

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