Vegas Odds to Win the 2020-21 College Football Playoff & Championship


The odds to win college football’s playoff have recently been updated.  The table below shows the futures odds on each team (if available) from BetOnline sportsbook.

Included in our odds table is the implied win probability for each team based on the odds given.  This can make it easier to visualize just how likely the books think it is that a certain team will win.  We’ve also included a change column, which shows how much a team’s odds have improved or decreased since our last update.  The MOV column represents the average margin of victory so far this season (or last season) for that team. Later in the season this can be helpful for setting your own odds or power rankings.

Vegas Betting Favorites to Win the 2021 College Football Playoff

With a dominating performance over Clemson in the most recent championship game the LSU Tigers are the reigning College Football Playoff Champions. Clemson was able to keep the game close early on, but Heisman Trophy-winning QB Joe Burrow went off for 463 yards passing and 5 touchdowns to lead LSU to a 42-25 victory.

Almost immediately after the game, oddsmakers posted the odds for next season. With Burrow graduating and heading to the NFL, LSU is not the favorite to repeat as champions. Clemson is currently the odds-on favorite as they should return the core of their key players, including QB Trevor Lawrence, who will be just a junior next season. Rounding out the rest of the odds there are plenty of familiar faces. Alabama is a mainstay near the top of this list. At this point they are projected to face Clemson in next year’s championship game. Both Ohio State and LSU are projected to return to the Final Four playoff bracket again next season, however, it’s still extremely early. These odds are sure to change as players announce their plans for next season and teams start ramping up recruiting efforts. Check back later this offseason to see how these moves impact the betting market.

Projected NCAA Football Playoffs Final Four

Championship Matchup: Clemson vs Alabama

Projected Champion: Clemson

Here’s a look at all of the teams with available odds to win the championship this year, courtesy of BetOnline.

Odds to Win 2020-2021 CFB National Title

Team 2019 Record Conference 2019 MOV Odds Change CFB Playoff
Clemson 14-1 ACC (Atlantic) 29.4 +225 New 21.37%
Alabama 11-2 SEC (West) 25.8 +350 New 15.44%
Ohio State 13-1 Big Ten (East) 33.1 +450 New 12.63%
LSU 15-0 SEC (West) 24.8 +600 New 9.92%
Georgia 12-2 SEC (East) 16.1 +800 New 7.72%
Florida 11-2 SEC (East) 13.5 +1400 New 4.63%
Auburn 9-4 SEC (West) 10.5 +2000 New 3.31%
Oklahoma 12-2 Big 12 11.7 +2000 New 3.31%
Notre Dame 11-2 Ind 18.8 +2500 New 2.67%
Texas 8-5 Big 12 7.8 +2500 New 2.67%
Michigan 9-4 Big Ten (East) 11.0 +3300 New 2.04%
Penn State 11-2 Big Ten (East) 15.4 +3300 New 2.04%
Texas A&M 8-5 SEC (West) 2.7 +4000 New 1.69%
Florida State 6-7 ACC (Atlantic) -3.0 +5000 New 1.36%
Wisconsin 10-4 Big Ten (West) 17.1 +5000 New 1.36%
Tennessee 8-5 SEC (East) -1.1 +6600 New 1.04%
Iowa State 7-6 Big 12 6.5 +10000 New 0.69%
Kentucky 8-5 SEC (East) 4.9 +10000 New 0.69%
Miami FL 6-7 ACC (Coastal) 0.7 +10000 New 0.69%
Minnesota 11-2 Big Ten (West) 11.9 +10000 New 0.69%
Nebraska 5-7 Big Ten (West) 0.2 +10000 New 0.69%
Oklahoma State 8-5 Big 12 2.7 +10000 New 0.69%
USC 8-5 Pac-12 (South) 3.1 +10000 New 0.69%
Utah 11-3 Pac-12 (South) 16.2 +10000 New 0.69%
Washington 8-5 Pac-12 (North) 10.9 +10000 New 0.69%
Iowa 10-3 Big Ten (West) 11.8 +15000 New 0.46%
BYU 7-6 Ind 0.6 +50000 New 0.14%

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