Ricky Tran

Ricky Tran hasn’t been around sports handicapping for all that long. But boy, has he made a big impact in a short time. He has a penchant for numbers and finding relevant points of data in a pool of stats. This what fuels a methodical style of capping that has Ricky already sitting with the best in the world.

Being a new kid on the block, Ricky uses a lot of advanced statistics and methods. Some of these haven’t moved into the mainstream yet, and many are resistant to new methods. But there’s no denying Ricky’s results over the last few months.

Ricky came out of nowhere to finish fourth in NBA handicapping for 2015-16. He earned his subscribers $2,655 on a 56.4% win rate. And that’s just his first full season on record. He finished especially strong, going 58% for $3,300 from November 2015 on.

He’s also making a name for himself in his first MLB handicapping season on record. In just a few months, he has earned almost $1,000 on a 57% win rate, and that’s before we even get to the playoffs.

Ricky is just getting started with his first football capping season. But if his other successes are any sign of the future, he’s going to start strong and get stronger.

Some have been reluctant to jump on board with a handicapper as young, new, and different as Ricky Tran. But he doesn’t mind – he’s going to keep winning and earning profit. Your choice is whether you want to jump on board with the newest hot hand, or miss out on all this profit.