College Football Regular Season Win Totals: Over Under Odds

Online sportsbooks have recently rolled out their regular season win totals/projections for every college football team for the upcoming season.  You are able to wager on whether that team will have more (over) or less (under) wins than the book projects.

The over and under on each team is not an equal proposition.  Each wager has a price, which represents how much risk you must take to make that selection.  The price (or vig) works the same as with other types of bets.  Negative numbers show the risk amount to win $100 (e.g. -110 means bet $110 to win $100), while positive numbers show the wining payout for a $100 bet (e.g. +105 means bet $100 to win $105).  This also gives us some insight to where current sentiment falls on each team.  If a team’s over odds are shaded heavily, say, -130 or worse, that means that side of the proposition is favored significantly.

2020 College Football Season Over/Under Wins Futures Odds

Below are the estimated win totals for every team, sorted by most to least projected wins. Note that if these odds aren’t available yet or have been taken off the board, this year’s college football odds to win the playoff will be displayed.

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