Favorites to Win the 2018 MLB World Series

The latest odds to win the Major League Baseball World Series are available in the table below.  The current favorites to take home the hardware are the New York Yankees.  NY made a huge splash in the offseason by adding former Marlins’ slugger Giancarlo Stanton to an already impressive lineup.

With that being said, there is not much separation between the Yankees and the two teams who played in last year’s World Series – the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Both of those teams retain most of their important pieces from last season, and it would be surprise if they were not in the hunt late in the season.

You will see plenty of familiar faces with the other top teams on this list.  The Indians, Nats, Red Sox, and Cubs are all teams that have been in the playoffs recently and are all teams with bright young talent.

The Miami Marlins and Detroit Tigers currently have the worst odds to win the World Series.  Remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are expected to be the worst teams in the league, it simply means they will have a tough road reaching the playoffs based on their schedule and division.

Vegas World Series Odds to Win the 2018 MLB Championship

Team Odds Win Probability
New York Yankees +500 12.89%
Houston Astros +600 11.05%
Los Angeles Dodgers +600 11.05%
Cleveland Indians +750 9.10%
Washington Nationals +900 7.73%
Boston Red Sox +1000 7.03%
Chicago Cubs +1200 5.95%
St. Louis Cardinals +1800 4.07%
Arizona Diamondbacks +2200 3.36%
Los Angeles Angels +2500 2.97%
New York Mets +2500 2.97%
San Francisco Giants +3300 2.27%
Seattle Mariners +3300 2.27%
Milwaukee Brewers +4000 1.89%
Toronto Blue Jays +5000 1.52%
Tampa Bay Rays +5000 1.52%
Colorado Rockies +5000 1.52%
Chicago White Sox +6600 1.15%
Texas Rangers +7500 1.02%
Atlanta Braves +7500 1.02%
Kansas City Royals +7500 1.02%
Baltimore Orioles +7500 1.02%
Minnesota Twins +7500 1.02%
Pittsburgh Pirates +10000 0.77%
Cincinnati Reds +10000 0.77%
Oakland Athletics +10000 0.77%
Philadelphia Phillies +10000 0.77%
San Diego Padres +10000 0.77%
Miami Marlins +20000 0.38%
Detroit Tigers +20000 0.38%

World Series Futures: Best Bets

In terms of best bets on futures, we are looking at value above all else.  Sometimes favorites are simply too popular to take a flier on, while betting on a longer shot to get hot at the right time and win the World Series is well worth the risk.  As of the latest update, here are a few teams worth looking at.

Boston Red Sox +1000 (10 to 1)

The Red Sox have some of the most exciting young talent in baseball with players like Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Andrew Benintendi, and Jackie Bradley Jr. to name a few.  They also have a dominant top of the rotation pitcher in Chris Sale and one of the most dominant closers in recent memory with Craig Kimbrel.  They may need some help at the end of the rotation, but the Red Sox should challenge the Yankees in the AL East.

San Francisco Giants +3300 (33 to 1)

Reports of the Giants demise has been largely exaggerated.  Like the Red Sox with the Yankees in the AL East, the Giants will need to navigate around the LA Dodgers in the NL West, however, they have done this in the past and I do still think they are up for the task.  Madison Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto are still a devastating 1-2 at the top of the rotation.

Offensively the Giants won’t have a ton of power, but they will continue to find ways to manufacture runs as long as they stay healthy.  Picking up Evan Longoria in the offseason could be a sneaky-good move for a little extra pop in the middle of the lineup.  It does seem like they could stand to add an outfielder or two, however, at 33 to 1 odds there is still a ton of value on a team that was basically eliminated last year due to key injuries.

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