Joseph D’Amico

Joe D’Amico has been around sports handcapping for his entire life. So has his father and grandfather. He comes from a long line of sports handicappers in fact, and is well-known in the industry. He’s such a sports betting icon, in fact, that he is often known as the “Host of Las Vegas.”

A lot of sports handicappers claim a long history in the business. But few are third-generation starts like Joe D’Amico. And don’t think for a minute he just rides off his family’s reputation. Sports handicapping doesn’t work that way – you have to earn your own respect here.

D’Amico has been featured as an analyst in both Las Vegas publications and national ones. You may have seen him in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the Bloomberg News Report. That’s respect that comes from hard work and results, and in those ways, D’Amico is a self-made man.

Know what else is self-made? The winning percentage of his current MLB streak. That’s holding steady at 60% over a 13-month period, and has earned his clients over $3,000 in MLB alone.

His streak over all sports is also sitting around $3,000 for profit, in just over 4 months. He has hit about 61% of his picks since May 2016, so it appears a perfect time to get in on these hot streaks. He’s already shown he can sustain success over the long term, with several top 10 finishes.

If you want someone with sustained success and generations of experience, D’Amico’s your guy. Waiting to subscribe is just letting profit slip away.