Handicapper Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee takes pride in being one of the hardest-working handicappers in the business. He is persistent in his search for games and lines that are the most likely to make big profits. If there is a win to be found, in any sport, he’s going to work until he finds it.

Brandon’s track record speaks for itself in his ability to find those winners. He wins, and he wins at high percentages. We’re talking about 59% in all sports, 63% in basketball, and 72% on his top MLB picks. Those current streaks have earned him about $4,500, $3,400, and $1,600 respectively.

That’s the kind of consistent earning across sports you can feel good about. Brandon puts in the work to find winners in every sport, but his best results are in basketball and football. He sports a couple of top 10 finishes and huge winnings in both college and pro basketball. In football, he is hitting 53% of his picks and has 4 top 10 finishes since 2012.

Brandon doesn’t subscribe to any one style or get bogged down by habit. He’s fluid and flexible, and picks only based on where he sees the biggest chance of profit.

But perhaps the most surprising thing about Brandon is his ability to  win at such a high percentage. Most cappers with win percentages this high are selective, but Brandon lays down a lot of action. So if you’re the kind of bettor who likes to bet a lot and win a lot, Brandon might be your guy.