Timothy Black

Timothy Black is a proven winner with over 17 years of experience. He boasts a 55% win rate over the last four seasons, and is a consistent figure at the top of college handicapping.

Timothy puts most of his focus on the college game, where his understanding is on full display. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone with a better handle on motivational factors. College ball is full of ups, downs, and huge upsets. Timothy is well-versed in finding where the value is, and when the bookmakers make a mistake.

Of course, if you jump on board with Timothy, you’re getting more than just two seasons of picks. Just because he specializes in college sports doesn’t mean he can’t get it done in others. He’s just as capable in NFL football and MLB betting.

In fact, he boasts two finishes at #3 in MLB handicapping, and two more in the top 10 since 2008.  That’s on top of a handful of top 10 finishes in college football, basketball, and NFL.

But what has he done for his subscribers lately? Well, for starters, he is on a monster two-season tear through MLB. Since the start of 2015, Timothy has gone 807-717 on his baseball picks. Not blown away by a 53% win rate? That’s fine, because Timothy is about finding value, so his 53% streak is worth $7,800 in profit.

If you don’t mind a capper who sticks to football, college basketball and MLB, Timothy is a great choice. He’s a perfect example of a guy who does a few things and does them well.