Worst Super Bowl Commercials

With every good thing usually comes something bad, and with Super Bowl commercials it’s no different. Many people look forward to watching the ads every year, because of their usually great quality and good laughs they provide. Companies have to try and be creative and do something never before done in order for their commercial to go home a winner. One bad thing that happens with this is that sometimes companies have ideas that aren’t so good. We are going to give you what we think is the five worst Super Bowl commercials of all time.

5. Burger King “Find Herb the Nerd”

First off, this commercial was just plain stupid. It tried to get customers to go to Burger King and try and find Herb. Herb was said to be the only person who had never had a Burger King hamburger. No one bought this concept and it was a huge failure. The company was widely looked badly upon because of the amount of money that it spent on this series of ads.

4. Bud Light “Upside-down Clown”

In 2003, a man walks into a bar, gets a Bud Light, and pours the drink in a hole in the suit where his head would be. The suit covers his face and makes the viewers think that he is pouring the drink up his butt. Then at the end of the commercial the man asks for a hot dog. This commercials attempt to be funny, but is completely lost in the sick and disgusting actions. This is one of a very few Bud Light commercials that have looked bad on Super Bowl Sunday.

3. Holiday Inn “Sex Change Act”

A woman walks into a high school reunion and you hear a voice tell of the cost of getting a new nose, lips, and chest. Then a man who says he can’t forget a face meets her, and the lady ends up being a man named Bob Johnson. A problem with this controversial commercial is that it really doesn’t have anything to do with Holiday Inn. The commercial also raised a lot of attention between gay, lesbian, and transgenders. It didn’t take long for Holiday Inn to take the ad off TV.

2. Sierra Mist “Bagpipe Kilt”

This 2004 commercial took place on a hot summer day when a bagpiper wearing a kilt decides to cool off by standing over a cold air vent. Many believed that they were trying to imitate Marilyn Monroe. The problem with this commercial is that it’s hard to see how a man having his kilt blowing in the air is a good way to get viewers to buy Sierra Mist. This commercial shows how they continue to remain behind Sprite for the best lemon-lime soda beverage.

1.Snickers “Kiss”

This commercial had viewers looking at the screen saying “did that just really happen.” While Snickers doesn’t always have the best commercials, this one was something the company probably wishes they never let on the air. The commercial starts off with two guys working on a car in a garage. One of the guys pulls out a snickers candy bar and begins to eat it. The other guy gives him a weird look and begins to eat off the same candy bar. The two continue to eat the Snickers till they are soon locking lips. While the company most likely thought that this would create more laughs than dislikes, it was soon forced off the air because of its controversial scene of two men kissing.

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