Cost of Super Bowl Rings

The Super Bowl ring is awarded in the National Football league to each player on the winning team of that year’s championship game. While the Vince Lombardi Trophy only goes to the ownership, the Super Bowl ring is a way of honoring the actual players and team members. It is a momento that proves an individual was once a Super Bowl champion, and something that can never be taken away from them.

These rings are very expensive as they are made usually with yellow or white gold and diamonds. Included on the rings are the team name, team logo, and the Super Bowl number, which is represented in Roman Numerals. These rings cost roughly $5,000 apiece, and the NFL will pay for the costs of 150 rings to each winning team.

But the New England Patriots broke a record 2015 when they beat the Seattle Seahawks.  Their rings cost $36,500 apiece, or over $5 million in total, making them the most expensive rings that Jostens has ever produced.

That winning team gets to decide who the rings will be presented to. That list includes players that are either active or injured, coaches, trainers, personnel, executives and the coaching staff, among others. Also, there are times where a team will award a former player with a ring even when they’re not on the winning roster. The teams are responsible for paying for any ring past the first 150 that are given by the NFL.

There are a lot of rings that you will see that have diamonds in the shape of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, as well as football-shaped diamonds. There can also be diamonds or gold in the shape of the team logo. If a franchise has more than one Super Bowl victory, sometimes diamonds or gold will illustrate how many titles that franchise has won over time. Every ring features the player’s name and jersey number as well.

The ring with the most diamonds was the Super Bowl XLV ring with the Green Bay Packers. It featured more than 100 diamonds. There are replicas made of these rings for certain years that can be worth a fortune over time. Dave Megget sold his ring on eBay, while two Super Bowl rings from 1970 sold for over $32,000 apiece in 2008.

Je’Rod Cherry raffled off his Super Bowl XXXVI ring while with the New England Patriots to benefit charities working to help children in Africa and Asia. Shannon Sharpe gave his Super Bowl ring to his brother, Sterling, who had his career cut short due to injury, otherwise he would have likely won one with Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

Steve Wright, a lineman for the Green Bay Packers back in the 1960s, sold his Super Bowl ring for over $73,000 at an auction. Ray Guy sold each of his three Super Bowl rings for over $96,000. And on a very sad note, Lawrence Taylor’s son sold his father’s Super Bowl ring from 1990 for more than $250,000 in 2012.

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