Best NFL Teaser Picks Week 3: Free 6-Point & 10-Point Bets


NFL Teasers account for only a small percentage of sportsbook handles each week. But they are becoming more and more popular even though they are a little more advanced than moneyline or spread bets. I’ll provide some info on how to bet teasers and offer my favorite NFL teasers each week of the 2020 season for free.

A teaser bet is a group of straight bets that combine two or more bets into one. Each line is shifted into your favor by the number of points of the teaser. The three main NFL teasers are 6, 6.5 and 7 points, but 10-point teasers and 13-point teasers are also very popular. The 6, 6.5 and 7 point teasers have a minimum of two teams, while the 10-point teaser is a minimum of 3 teams, and the 13-point teaser is a minimum of 4.

NFL Teaser Strategy & Crossing Key Numbers

I’ll only be giving out 2-team 6-point teasers and 3-team 10-point teasers this season. A 2-team 6-point teaser (-105) where ties win costs $105 to win $100. A 3-team 10-point teaser (-115) where ties reduce costs $115 to win $100. I’ll be sticking to these two teasers all season.

An example of a 6-point teaser that makes sense to me is to buy favorites of -6 to -9 down to a PK or -3, somewhere between that range. It also makes sense to buy an an underdog of +1 to +3 up to +7 and +9, or somewhere in between. That’s because you are crossing key numbers of 3, 4 and 7.

So, let’s say there are are two teams I like in the Packers -7.5 and the Saints +1. I’ll buy the Packers to -1.5 and the Saints to +7. If the Packers win by 2 or more and the Saints lose by exactly 7, a 6-point teaser where ties win would actually yield a winning bet even though the Saints pushed on the teaser line.

The same rules apply for 10-point teasers. You want to cross as many key numbers as you can. Getting a favorite of -10 to -12.5 and taking them down to a PK to -2.5 would be a good bet. It’s also smart to take small dogs of +1 to +2.5 and take them up to +11 and +12.5. I won’t always only take teams in this range, but I will certainly look to cross as many key numbers as possible. Sometimes it will just be feel based on how strongly I feel about a team. If I like a 13-point underdog to cover the spread, I’m certainly going to like them at +23 even more.

Best NFL Teaser Bets for Week 3 Pro Football

Let’s just get right into it and give you my two favorite teasers for Week 3 of the 2020 season. I’ll be providing teasers every week for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

FREE Week 3 NFL 6-Point Teaser

I won both my 6-point teasers last week on the Chiefs -2.5/Ravens -1 and the Bucs -2.5/49ers -1.  I come back with a single 6-point teaser this week on the Vikings +9 and the Patriots PK.  There just weren’t many good teaser options this week like there were last week when the betting public cleaned house on them with favorites going 14-2 straight up.

I’m teasing the Vikings up from +3 to +9 at home against the Titans.  This feels like a must-win for the Vikings after dropping to 0-2.  And the Titans have played close games against two bad teams, beating the Broncos and Jaguars by a combined 5 points thus far.  The Vikings will hang around.  I’m also teasing the Patriots from -6 down to PK at home against the Raiders.  I love backing Bill Belichick off a loss, and it’s a bad spot for the Raiders on a short week having to travel out East for an early start time after playing on Monday Night Football.

FREE Week 3 NFL 10-Point Teaser

I went 1-1 on my 10-point teasers last week.  I lost on the Eagles +11, Lions +16 & Giants +15.5 one.  But I won on my Jaguars +17.5/Redskins +17 and Raiders +15.5 one.  This week I’m only doing one 10-point teaser.

I’m taking the Colts from -11 down to -1 at home against the Jets, the Packers from +3 up to +13 at the Saints and the Cowboys from +5 up to +15 at the Seahawks.

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