Best Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in all of sports. While many of get together to see which team is going to earn the name of World Champions, almost everyone can enjoy the commercials during the game. Companies spend millions of dollars to air their brand new ads to viewers all over the world. Normally you might run to the bathroom or flip through the channels whenever commercials come on, but this is the one time where you stay glued to your seat and enjoy some of the best commercials of the year. While there have been many amazing commercials over the years, we are going to give you our top 5 favorites.

5. Reebok | “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker”

This commercial aired in 2003, when a CEO hires Terry Tate to increase productivity. Tate goes around and punishes employees for mistakes or things that they do that are not part of the company’s idea of work. Tate throws, spears, and even close lines employees for simple reasons such as not having a cover sheet, taking to long a breaks, making long distant calls, and for playing games. After tackling the employee who is caught playing a card came on the computer, one of the best lines from the commercial is generated when Tate yells “When it’s game time, it’s pain time!”

4. McDonalds | “Bird vs Jordan”

From Super Bowl XXVII when the Cowboys beat the Bills, another battle was going on between to basketball legends Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. It starts off with Jordan bringing in a Big Mac, and Bird challenging him to a contest for the sandwich. It starts off with simple shots from behind the backboard, to a shot from half court. Neither one misses and they start making up incredibly ridiculous shots. The commercial ends with neither one having missed yet and the two standing on top of a sky scraper. This commercial was so popular mainly because of the two stars and the shots being attempted.

3. Budweiser |  “Budweiser Frogs”

This commercial might be higher up on others list, it should be noted that the gap between 1 thru 3 is very slim. This commercial aired during Super Bowl XXIX, and became and instant hit. It starts off with three frogs sitting at a swamp at night. One frog starts to croak “bud” then the two other start croaking “weis” and “er.” The commercial ends with the frogs croaking in unison “bud” “weis” “er” as if they were reading the Budweiser sign in the distance. This commercial continued to get bigger as even more commercials were made with these frogs.

2. Monster | “When I Grow Up”

This great commercial came across television sets during Super Bowl XXXIII. This commercial used kids to get its point across by having them say they wanted to be a brown nose, climb to middle management, under appreciated, and many others that had everyone laughing. I think what made this commercial so great was how true it really was, many people had to do or say these things in order to succeed in the office world.

1. Budweiser | “Wassup”

The best Super Bowl commercial in our books came in XXXIV when Budweiser had four men yelling into a telephone their own version of a long drawn out version of what’s up. This loud and sometimes annoying way of saying hello caught everyone’s attention. For months you could call your best friend and not be surprised to them answering the phone screaming wassup into your ear. I think that this commercial deserves number 1 because of its creativity and the fact that you can still hear people today mimicking this commercial from years ago.

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