Head Coaches Career Super Bowl History: Active & All-Time

Being a head coach in the NFL might seem like a dream come true, but this job is one of the most thankless in sports. For coaches at this level, winning and most importantly winning now is the only way to hold on to your position. Success in the NFL is often attributed to the great players on the team, while failures are almost always linked to the head coach. What history has shown is that a great coach might not get you a Super Bowl win every season, but they can most certainly establish a culture within a franchise that allows a team to compete at a high level for a very long time.

The majority of great coaches need time to turn a poor or mediocre team into a winner, but most teams are not willing to invest in the future and want to win now. Take Tom Landry, for example. He’s widely regarded as one of the best coaches of all time. His start with the Cowboys was awful. He went 0-11-1 in his first season and followed that up with season of 4, 5, 4, 5, and 7 wins before going on to make the playoffs in 17 of the next 19 seasons, including five Super Bowl appearances and two championships. Now, Landry might be an exception in history, but if you look at the majority of coaches to win multiple Super Bowls, most have been given enough time to put the pieces they need in place. Not to sound like a grumpy old man, but most owners in the NFL today lack the foresight to allow this to happen, which is why we see a team like New England dominate an era. Everyone else tries to play catch up, but they want to do it in a single season.

There is a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg effect here (what came first, the wins or the job security?), but looking at the list of the most successful active NFL coaches, you will see guys that have had poor seasons bounce back in a way that it is hard to imagine a first-year coach doing. Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints is a great example. He went just 25-23 before winning his first Super Bowl. This was followed by four solid seasons, then three straight 7-9 seasons.  New Orleans then went to the playoffs in consecutive years, losing to Minnesota in the famed “Minneapolis Miracle”, and then losing in the NFC Championship the following season.  The point is, sometimes it pays to stick with a coach through some difficult times.

Below you’ll find two tables. The first lists the appearances (only as a head coach) for each of the current coaches in the NFL, including their wins and losses. The second is a list of all of the NFL head coaches in history who have appeared in two or more Super Bowls.

Active NFL Head Coaches Career Super Bowl History

What can you say other than what Bill Belichick and the Patriots have done here is impressive. He has nine Super Bowl appearances, while the rest of the active NFL head coaches have a combined thirteen. Most of these coaches should be around for awhile to try and catch up, but it’s a long road ahead.

*Game result pending.

Coach Games Wins Losses Current Team
Andy Reid* 5 2 2 Kansas City Chiefs
Sean McVay 2 1 1 Los Angeles Rams
Mike Tomlin 2 1 1 Pittsburgh Steelers
Kyle Shanahan* 2 0 1 San Francisco 49ers
Mike Macdonald 2 1 1 Seattle Seahawks
John Harbaugh 1 1 0 Baltimore Ravens
Zac Taylor 1 0 1 Cincinnati Bengals
Mike McCarthy 1 1 0 Dallas Cowboys
Sean Payton 1 1 0 Denver Broncos
Doug Peterson 1 1 0 Jacksonville Jaguars
Jim Harbaugh 1 0 1 Los Angeles Chargers
Nick Sirianni 1 0 1 Philadelphia Eagles
Dan Quinn 1 0 1 Washington Commanders
Johathan Gannon 0 0 0 Arizona Cardinals
Raheem Morris 0 0 0 Atlanta Falcons
Sean McDermott 0 0 0 Buffalo Bills
Dave Canales 0 0 0 Carolina Panthers
Matt Eberflus 0 0 0 Chicago Bears
Kevin Stefanski 0 0 0 Cleveland Browns
Dan Campbell 0 0 0 Detroit Lions
Matt LaFleur 0 0 0 Green Bay Packers
DeMeco Ryans 0 0 0 Houston Texans
Shane Richie 0 0 0 Indianapolis Colts
Antonio Pierce 0 0 0 Las Vegas Raiders
Mike McDaniel 0 0 0 Miami Dolphins
Kevin O’Connell 0 0 0 Minnesota Vikings
Jerod Mayo 0 0 0 New England Patriots
Dennis Allen 0 0 0 New Orleans Saints
Brian Daboll 0 0 0 New York Giants
Robert Saleh 0 0 0 New York Jets
Todd Bowles 0 0 0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Brian Callahan 0 0 0 Tennessee Titans

Most All-Time Super Bowl Appearances by NFL Head Coaches

The guys at the top of this list are the most legendary coaches in the NFL. If you have appeared in two or more Super Bowls, you are definitely doing something right. With that being said, it is hard not to be in awe of Bill Belichick’s accomplishments with the New England Patriots.

Let’s put it into perspective. There are currently 32 NFL teams, meaning each team has roughly a 3% chance to win the Super Bowl each year. This means that if you coach in the NFL for 19 years (like Belichick has at the time of this writing), your odds of winning at least one Super Bowl is about 44%. Not bad. However, the odds of winning six Lombardi Trophies in that span is somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.0013%, or about 1 in 75,000.

Want your mind really blown? Using the same assumptions, the odds of appearing in the Super Bowl 9 times in 19 seasons as a head coach in the NFL is less than 0.000001%. These numbers are a little misleading because obviously not every NFL team has an equal chance to win the Super Bowl every year, futures odds prove that.  But let’s say the Patriots are the favorites to win the Super Bowl in every season Belichick coaches. This would typically put them at something like +500 (5 to 1) or a 16.7% chance to win each year. This still puts the probability of achieving six Super Bowl victories in 19 years at a mere 5.4%. It is truly an impressive feat and not something we are likely to see again in the history of the NFL.

*Game result pending.

John Fox202Carolina Panthers, Denver BroncosXXXVIII, XLVIII

Head Coach Games Wins Losses Team(s) Super Bowls
Bill Belichick 9 6 3 New England Patriots XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLII, XLVI, XLIX, LI, LII, LIII
Don Shula 6 2 4 Baltimore Colts, Miami Dolphins III, VI, VII, VIII, XVII, XIX
Tom Landry 5 2 3 Dallas Cowboys V, VI, X, XII, XIII
Chuck Noll 4 4 0 Pittsburgh Steelers IX, X, XIII, XIV
Joe Gibbs 4 3 1 Washington Redskins XVII, XVIII, XXII, XXVI
Andy Reid 5* 2 2 Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs XXXIX, LIV, LV, LVII, LVIII
Bud Grant 4 0 4 Minnesota Vikings IV, VIII, IX, XI
Marv Levy 4 0 4 Buffalo Bills XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII
Dan Reeves 4 0 4 Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons XXI, XXII, XXIV, XXXIII
Bill Walsh 3 3 0 San Francisco 49ers XVI, XIX, XXIII
Bill Parcells 3 2 1 New York Giants, New England Patriots XXI, XXV, XXXI
Mike Holmgren 3 1 2 Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks XXXI, XXXII, XL
Vince Lombardi 2 2 0 Green Bay Packers I, II
Tom Flores 2 2 0 Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders XV, XVIII
Jimmy Johnson 2 2 0 Dallas Cowboys XXVII, XXVIII
George Seifert 2 2 0 San Francisco 49ers XXIV, XXIX
Mike Shanahan 2 2 0 Denver Broncos XXXII, XXXIII
Tom Coughlin 2 2 0 New York Giants XLII, XLVI
Hank Stram 2 1 1 Kansas City Chiefs I, IV
Dick Vermeil 2 1 1 Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams XV, XXXIV
Bill Cowher 2 1 1 Pittsburgh Steelers XXX, XL
Pete Carroll 2 1 1 Seattle Seahawks XLVIII, XLIX
Mike Tomlin 2 1 1 Pittsburgh Steelers XLIII, XLV
John Fox 2 0 2 Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos XXXVIII, XLVIII
Kyle Shanahan 2* 0 1 San Francisco 49ers LIV, XVIII

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