Best Online Bookmaker Sportsbook Review


Bookmaker is one of those sites that we think is a leader in the online sportsbook world. In case you didn’t know, this is where the lines get made. Most of the other books will not put out their opening odds until they see what number Bookmaker has posted. This is a high-volume sportsbook that frequently takes bets over $5,000 and is where the professionals play. They do not have to worry about their limits being reduced if they win too much money as the odds makers at Bookmaker welcome as much action as possible. If you win big at Bookmaker then you know that you are going to get paid quickly no matter how much they are sending your way.

Signup at Bookmaker and not only get their GREAT BONUSES, but also FREE PREMIUM picks from our experts!

Bookmaker has been around for as long as their has been wagering offshore. If you like to bet big then this is the place that we recommend you go first.

Initial Bonuses: Bookmaker offers a 20% free play bonus with a 5x rollover. There is a $500 max bonus with a $300 minimum deposit on all new accounts. This bonus applies all deposits made except for with your credit card. If you transfer money to them using the person-to-person option then all fees will be covered on deposits over $300.

Re-Load Bonuses: 10% free-play bonus with a 3x rollover. Must have less than $100 in your account and re-up for $300 or more.

You also will earn points for each wager that can be used to cash in for free plays and more.

Minimum wager: $5 online, $50 by phone

Max bet: $5,000 online, $20,000 by phone or more if requested

Bookmaker betting includes if bets, reverse bets, action points, and more. They post their lines by 3 PM EST for the next day’s games and have one of the best customer service staffs in the business.

If you haven’t tried Bookmake mobile then this is a great way to do your sports betting when you are on the move. The software is easy to download, run, and use.

Deposit Methods:

Withdrawal Methods:

There aren’t many books that get a higher rating with us than Bookmaker. If you have been looking for a book that will accept you highest wagers without a second thought then this is the sportsbook for you.

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