Super Bowl Prop Results

The folks at Bovada offered hundreds of different proposition bets for Super Bowl XLIX. They have released some of those results Monday morning, and I’m going to go over a few of the highlights from them.

There was a prop on how long it would take Idina Menzel to sing the national anthem. The over 2 minutes, 1 second was the winner at 5-7 odds as it took her 2 minutes, 4 seconds. A wager on her to forget or omit at least one word was a loser as well.

Gray was the favorite of which color Bill Belichick’s hoodie would be, but he came out in a blue one, making blue the winner at even odds. Belichick was a heavy favorite to not be shown smiling during the game, and he was never once caught on camera smiling.

The first song Katy Perry sang at halftime was “Roar”, which was the favorite at 5/4 odds. “Firework” was the next favorite at 5/2 odds, and she came on and sang that late in the show. She also wore a skirt, which was the favorite over pants or shorts. Black/brown was the 2/1 favorite for her hair color. Pink and purple were the other options.

The over/under on how many times Gisel Bundchen, Tom Brady’s wife, would be shown during the game was 1.5. The under bettors won that prop at 1/2 odds.

One very interesting prop was Russell Wilson’s total passing yards versus the average American gasoline price (in cents) on Monday. Well, Wilson threw for 247 yards and the average gas price was 206. A bet on Wilson would have been a winner.

There was one pretty big upset with the gatorade prop. Blue, at 5/1 odds, upset orange and yellow as the color of liquid dumped on Bill Belichick’s head once the Patriots had secured the victory.

I tweeted out my Top 10 favorite props for Super Bowl XLIX throughout the day Sunday. I also included them in my analysis along with my Super Bowl picks. I ended up going 7-3 with my 10 favorite props. If you bet ‘to win’ $100 on all 10, then you would have won $370 when you factor in juice. That helped make up for my tough losses on the UNDER 47.5 and the Seahawks PK for the actual game. Here were my 10.

Jack’s Top 10 Favorite Super Bowl Prop Results (7-3, +370)

#1 – Will there be a defensive or special teams TD scored in the game?

#2 – Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game?

#3 – Which half will have more points scored?

#4 – Which coach will be shown first on TV after kickoff?

#5 – Marshawn Lynch Total Rushing Yards?

#6 – Shortest successful field goal in the Game?

#7 – Tom Brady Total Passing Yards?

#8 – Longest touchdown scored in the game?

#9 – Brandon LaFell Total Receiving Yards?

#10 – Largest lead of the game by either team?

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