Odds to Make NFL Playoffs

The Seattle Seahawks are your defending Super Bowl champions after capturing their first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history during the 2013-14 season. What are their chances of getting back to the playoffs? The folks at BetOnline┬áhave listed them at -300 to make the 2015 playoffs. It’s definitely not a shoe-in, but they are the favorites to get there from the NFC West.

Just like last year, the two teams with the best chance to get to the playoffs are the Denver Broncos (-500) and the New England Patriots (-500). That’s because both of them are expected to run away with their mediocre divisions. Peyton Manning wins his division basically every year, while Tom Brady wins his religiously as well.

The teams with the smallest chance of reaching the 2015 postseason are the Jaguars (+1000) and the Raiders (+800). I give neither of these teams much of a chance to get to the playoffs, but if I had to pick one to break through, it would be the Jaguars. They play in the worst division in football in the AFC South, while the Raiders play in an AFC West division that features three playoff teams from a year ago.

I am going to pick which 12 teams I believe will make the playoffs this year, and my favorite ones will have an asterisk (*) by them and will be in bold. I have also put an asterisk by my pick for each team in the table below to indicate which way I would lean for every team. Without further ado, here are your 2015 NFL playoff contenders. The top four teams in each conference listed are the division winners, while the bottom two are the wild card teams.

NFC Playoff Contenders

AFC Playoff Contenders

Odds to Make the 2015 NFL Playoffs

Arizona Cardinals
Yes +325
No* -450
Atlanta Falcons
Yes +210
No* -260
Baltimore Ravens
Yes* +160
No -195
Buffalo Bills
Yes +500
No* -800
Carolina Panthers
Yes +210
No* -260
Chicago Bears
Yes +155
No* -185
Cincinnati Bengals
Yes +125
No* -155
Cleveland Browns
Yes +450
No* -700
Dallas Cowboys
Yes +225
No* -280
Denver Broncos
Yes* -500
No +350
Detroit Lions
Yes +220
No* -270
Green Bay Packers
Yes* -210
No +170
Houston Texans
Yes* +225
No -280
Indianapolis Colts
Yes* -170
No +140
Jacksonville Jaguars
Yes +1000
No* -2000
Kansas City Chiefs
Yes +260
No* -340
Miami Dolphins
Yes +325
No* -450
Minnesota Vikings
Yes +550
No* -900
New England Patriots
Yes* -500
No +350
New Orleans Saints
Yes* -165
No +135
New York Giants
Yes +225
No* -280
New York Jets
Yes +350
No* -500
Oakland Raiders
Yes +800
No* -1500
Philadelphia Eagles
Yes -120
No* -110
Pittsburgh Steelers
Yes* +140
No -170
San Diego Chargers
Yes +325
No* -450
San Francisco 49ers
Yes* -250
No +200
Seattle Seahawks
Yes* -300
No +240
St Louis Rams
Yes* +375
No -550
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yes +400
No* -600
Tennessee Titans
Yes +300
No* -400
Washington Redskins
Yes* +260
No -350

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