NFL Betting Sites

You have a huge selection of NFL betting sites to choose from this season. We know there are always concerns when choosing an online sportsbook. How fast are the payouts? Is your money safe? Other sites have a massive list of sites to avoid, but we thought it would be easier to just come out and tell you about the best places to bet. You won’t find any book on our recommended list that isn’t considered to be on of the tops in the industry. Whether you are looking for a great bonus to start the year, or just a simple, easy place to place your NFL wagers, we’ve got your covered with this list.

Looking for a Great Bonus?: BetOnline

This book comes in above the rest in terms of taking care of their players with ongoing bonuses. Not only do you get a bonus for opening an new account, they also offer what they call their “Lifetime Guarantee Bonus” which gets you up to a 25% bonus with every qualifying deposit you make. Most sportsbooks give you an incentive to sign up, but then rarely offer any kind of bonus once they have your account. BetOnline steps up to the plate with a bonus that keeps on giving for as long as you have your account!

Want Cheaper Odds?: 5Dimes

For those players looking to make more of a long-term investment, there’s simply no better place to open an account than 5Dimes. They offer daily reduced juice on most major sporting events. With reduced juice you get discounted odds, meaning instead of paying -110 on every wager (standard) you can get prices like -102 and -105 with the same spreads you’d get at other books. This doesn’t sound like that big of a deal on a single wager, but if you place 200 bets at $100 per bet and you are getting an average of -105 juice versus -110, that’s $5 per wager, or $1,000 over the course of a season. It adds up!

Trying to Win More Bets?: Bookmaker

Anyone who has any experience betting can tell you how important it is to get an extra half point or point. With Bookmaker we know you’ll end up winning more of your bets because they release early lines, allowing you to jump on your wagers before books have a chance to adjust the odds out of your favor. Bookmaker is also one of the most trusted and well-known sportsbooks in the world, so you can always feel confident in getting your wagers honored, as well as being paid out promptly!

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