Dime Sports Betting: The Best MLB Dime Line Sportsbooks Online

If you plan on betting baseball, you need to be signed up at a book that offers dime (or 10 cent) lines.  It’s as simple as that.  Most sportsbooks provide 20 cent lines, which puts you at more of a disadvantage.

What’s the big difference?

Well, at your standard 20 cent book, the lines will have a difference of 20 (-20 to be exact), meaning that when you compare the odds, they will look something like this:  Yankees -150/Red Sox +130.  The difference at a dime line sportsbook comes as a better line on the underdog in the contest.  So, at a dime line book, the line on the same game would look something like: Yankees -150/Red Sox +140.

Now, that extra 10 cents might not seem like much at the time, but over the course of the season you vastly improve your odds of winning, especially if you bet a lot of underdogs.  Here we’ve provided a list of some of the top dime line sportsbooks you can find online.  You will want to note that not all books treat the dime line the same, so be sure to check their rules to see where the cutoffs are.


This book offers dime lines up to -176 on all baseball money lines.  The great thing about 5Dimes is that, not only are they one of the best books for dime lines, they also offer 5 cent overnight lines on baseball games.  We’ve searched for other quality books that offer something similar, but there’s no comparison!


BetOnline offers some of the best baseball lines available online right now.  They’ll give you a dime line up to -199 on any MLB moneyline.  For lines over -199 you’ll see a five-point increase for every 40 point increase in price (e.g. for -239 you’ll pay 15 cents, for -279 you’ll pay 20 cents, etc.).  Not only are you going to get great odds all baseball season, but BetOnline also offers something they call their Lifetime Bonus Guarantee.  What this means is that not only do you get a 25% bonus on your initial deposit, but you’ll get that same 25% bonus on every deposit you make for the lifetime of your account!

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