Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines

If you have ever seen the slot machine Wheel of Fortune at your local casino then you probably know just how popular it is. I have seen players waiting nearly an hour just to get a sit for the chance to take a few pulls and a chance to win grand prizes. Since the game is so popular we figured we would take a look at the payback percentages on these machines, the frequency of payoffs, and how often a bonus spin appears for the play.
The game is produced by International Game Technologies and is probably the most successful slot machine theme ever developed, making it a staple at casinos around the country.

The Wheel of Fortune machine is a nine-line, 45-coin (with of course five bets per line) machine resembling the popular TV game show hosted by Pat Sajak. The symbols are primarily your traditional fruits with prize images from the show, such as a car and a diamond necklace. The Wheel is very similar to the same one you will find on Wheel of Fortune, but it doesn’t have the dreaded Lose a Turn section.

The payback percentage for this game will be between 89-94% depending on where you are playing. The hit frequency is pretty high at 50%, with the player winning in some format every other time they take a pull. The bonus wheel gets hit on an average of once per 42 pulls.

Based on its payback, I wouldn’t call the Wheel of Fortune a sound casino play since we try to only recommend wagers that have less than a two percent house advantage. However, this is a fun game so if you are willing to give away some of the house edge to amplify your entertainment, there are worse wagers you could make.

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