Soft Hard Count Rooms

There are both soft and hard count rooms in the casino. Hard deal with coins and soft deal with paper.

When a worker is doing the hard count then they remove and collect the coin drop buckets from the slots, transport them to a room, machine count the change, wrap the coins, and prepare them for either bank drops or a trip back to the gaming floor.

When working on the soft count team, you would be in a seperate room with tighter security that deals only with paper currency from the table games. Let’s look at the step-by-step routine that goes on when you take out your cash at the blackjack table before it gets counted in as gaming revenue.

A player sits down at the table, pulls out a $100 bill, and gets chips back in return. The dealer places the $100 bill into a slotted box located below the table. At the end of the shirt a drop team, which normally has a drop team leader and a security guard or two, exchanges the box for an empty one to be used by the next shift. The box is then taken to the soft count room and is locked up until the count team comes in the next morning (by the way it’s always different from the drop team.)

The soft count team then empties the drop box in the center of the count table and one member sorts out the currency by denomination. A second team member then counts the bills in the stacks of currency and records the information. A third team member then counts the currency and compares the results with the figures on the soft count sheet. If the two amounts are the same, then the amount from that drop box and table is recored on a table summary sheet. The money then gets turned over to the casino’s cage and the table games summary sheet is given to the accounting department where it is examined before being entered as gaming revenue.

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