Pro Gamblers

How would you like to become a professional gambler?  Think about it, living in a casino, relying on betting for your livelihood?  It’s a risky business, but full of excitement so just how would you go about doing it?


The first thing is, you absolutely need to have an adequate bankroll. Just like any other business, gambling can have its ups and downs periodically. An adequate bankroll will help carry a player during one of those expected losing streaks.


Second, a person needs to either live in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or very close to one of the gambling destinations throughout the country. There are now over 800 casinos available to players in 31 states. A professional player needs to play frequently and should not be spending most of their time traveling.


Third, a player needs to take advantage of casino incentives, comps and promotions. A player can increase their opportunities to win more money, win prizes and reduce living expenses, which can help sustain their gambling life.


Fourth, a player needs to learn which games to play and how to play them correctly in order improve their chances of winning.

A player who wants to be a professional also needs to be realistic. He or she needs to know what it will take to become a successful gambler, and be willing to spend many hours in front of machines or sitting at a table gambling. A player also must accept that they will not always win. Everybody, even current professionals, have losing sessions or streaks. It is part of the business and part of being a player. Making a living at gambling is not always as glamorous as it might seem. It can be hard work, long hours, little pay, just like any other job.

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