Carlo Campanella Sports Picks

Carlo Campanella has been in the sports betting industry for over 15 years. And no, that doesn’t mean he’s been betting for 15 years. It means he’s been in the INDUSTRY for 15 years.

See, Carlo is one of those rare handicappers who has experience both as a sports bettor and in booking. Because he understands sports betting from both sides of the window, he has a unique point of view.

His experience has led him to be selective with his bets and maximize winning percentage. In his view, it doesn’t matter how many bets you place – it matters how many you win. That’s why Carlo bets only the games he has an edge on.

Of course, he compensates for only betting a game or two a day by betting larger portions of his bankroll. It’s up to you whether you follow his same betting philosophy, but his success is undeniable.

Carlo was the best handicapper in the world for football in 2010, and #7 in all sports. He is currently riding a long-term streak of 87-68 dating back to February 2015 in basketball. Off that streak, $100-per-game bettors have earned over $1,400 in profit.

Carlo is also a soccer bettor who follows the sport and finds winners when it’s low-profile. Anybody can bet soccer when the World Cup is going on. Carlo finds the winners when the books are sleeping, which is when the big profits get made.

If you’re looking for someone who knows how to beat the books in any sport at any time? Carlo Campanella is someone to keep your eye on.