An Arm in Craps

An arm in craps is a dice thrower who can manipulate the odds by throwing specific numbers.  There are some who believe in the ability of a person being so gifted at rolling the dice that they can alter the odds and others have their doubts.  There are plenty of con-artists out there who are willing to take a person’s money in the hopes of being able to learn how to manipulate the odds in their favor, so be on the lookout for these services and enter into the agreement with an eye towards skepticism.

The people who can actually manipulate the numbers are given the term “an arm.”  You can imagine they are not the normal throwers who just try to slide the dice across the table hoping that the numbers change, because that went out with the ridges on the table a long time ago.  We here at BetFirms though think it’s not all that likely for someone to be able to control the throw across the table.  Craps is a game that is based on luck, not skill so the house edge is there and by pure mathematics the player should end up losing on the long run.  Those who claim to be professional craps players are either full of themselves or have been able to sustain a significant amount of luck for a long period of time.

There are prominent authors who believe that you can control the dice, and one of the leading books on the subject is Golden Touch, Dice Control Revolution by Frank Scoblete.  He feels that you can become a skilled dice thrower and change the nature of the game from a pure luck game to a skill game, and if it’s a skill then the odds can be shifted to favor the player.  However, we have been in casinos since we entered the legal age and in all our time, we have yet to see or hear about such a thing.  If it’s out there, I’d love to meet out in Vegas so you can prove to me over a sustained period of time you know what you are doing.

Players can slide the dice across the table to achieve a specific result, but if you try it then the casino staff will more than likely give you a free escort to the door.  If you try to illegally manipulate the dice to force an outcome that isn’t random the pit boss, dealer, or box person is likely to give you a heads up that if you try it again, you’re gone.

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