Riding Out Sports Betting Losing Streaks

Everyone knows how great it feels when the ball is bouncing your way, everything seems to be going right with your wagers, and you are making tons of money by winning with sports betting.  However, when things are not going your way there aren’t many activities that can be as frustrating and stressful as a bad losing streak.  If you bet on sports long enough, you are going to having losing streaks so let’s take a look today and how to best ride out your bad luck and get back on track.

If you don’t make adjustments, you are going to deplete your bankroll and find yourself sitting on the sidelines.  However, if you can ride out the downs then you’ll be able to enjoy and profit from the hot streaks that are coming down the road.

Manage Expectations

You are going to need to be realistic and realize that losing streaks are going to happen.  It doesn’t matter how good you think you are at sports betting, there will be cold stretches.  Even the best handicappers in the world will have two or three week periods where they lose money, but if you remain calm you can bounce back.

Stick With What Works

If you have been winning consistently for a long period of time then you need to stick with what works.  When you start taking a beating the tempation will come to alter the way you approach games, or to start betting more or fewer games, but it’s a mistake to get away from what works.  If you know what you are doing provides you with bets that show value, don’t go away from your approach when things go a little cold.

Fluctuating Bet Size

I’m a big fan of keeping your bet size the same all season long.  What happens is people start winning and think they need to bet more to take advantage, and that is when they go on a little cold streak.  Even though they are hitting 55% on the year they will find themselves having lost money.  Same for a cold streak, if you reduce your bets then this is when the winning streak starts and you aren’t able to recoup as fast as you lost.

Take Time Some Time Off

If you have read much about playing poker then you hear about players going on tilt.  They start pressing and not playing their optimum game, and the same thing can happen when you are handicapping sports.  If you need to take some time off to refresh yourself, then do it.  You’ll come back energized and ready to start taking it to the books once again.

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