College Football Betting

There isn’t much that can compare to the college football season in terms of pure excitement is there?  As betting on college football continues to rise in popularity, it’s becoming more and more difficult to know where the best place to place your wagers really is.  You are no doubt bombarded by advertisements, but who knows what the best places to bet on college football really are?  We do!  I have narrowed the list down to what I feel are the best places to wager on football this season.  Each sportsbook has a quality that makes it stand apart from the rest and my hope is that you’ll find one that best fits what you are looking for in your sportsbook.

For Reduced Juice

5Dimes – 5Dimes is the choice of many professional gamblers and many of our handicappers.  Why?  Because they offer reduced juice on just about every game on the board in most major sports.  This means that you are saving 3%, 4%, 5% or more on every single bet you place.  This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal considering this would only be $5 for a $100 bettor, but over the course of the season this adds up quickly.  A lot of books will try to entice you with big up-front bonuses, but don’t really offer much value beyond that.  5Dimes gives you a bonus that keeps on paying for as long as you own your account with reduced juice.

BetOnline – Do you get a bonus EVERY time you deposit in your sportsbook?  BetOnline thinks you should.  Almost every book gives you an initial deposit bonus, but BetOnline hooks you up with up to 25% in free play bonuses on every qualified deposit you make.  The best part is that this bonus last for as long as you have an account – it never expires!

For a Great Overall Customer Experience  

Bovada – College football bettors can rest easy when they open a new account at Bovada, knowing that they are going to have a successful experience with their sportsbook.  Bovada makes everything easy on their customers.  Deposits and withdraws are smooth, the customer service is great and they have one of the easiest betting interfaces to use on the planet.  We also recommend Bovada because they don’t miss payouts and have a long history of offering their customers generous bonuses.  You really can’t go wrong with a sportsbook account from Bovada.

For Bettors Looking for an Early Edge

BookMaker – One of the main reasons I keep recommending BookMaker to anyone and everyone is that they set the lines that just about every other online sportsbook uses to set their lines.  With an account at BookMaker, you are going to have access to the college football lines before they come out anywhere else.  I like this feature because I hate when I pick out a game to bet on, only to see the line jump a half or full point by the time the sportsbook releases it.  Since I have an account with BookMaker, I don’t have to worry about that.  I know they will have their odds posted before anyone else.

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