Betting 6.5-Point Football Teasers

The first thing that you need to know about teasers is that they are called that for a reason. It’s easy to make almost any side or total look tempting when you start tacking on the extra points. Beginning bettors start thinking there is “no way that team can lose by that.” Thinking along those lines will get you into trouble, but that doesn’t mean that these bets can’t work out for you too. Sharp bettors love teasers.

Here is the standard payout for a 6.5 point teaser:

# 2 out of 2 pays -110
# 3 out of 3 pays +165
# 4 out of 4 pays +265
# 5 out of 5 pays +410
# 6 out of 6 pays +610
# 7 out of 7 pays +890
# 8 out of 8 pays +1275
# 9 out of 9 pays +1825
# 10 out of 10 pays +2600
# 11 out of 11 pays +3700
# 12 out of 12 pays +5200
# 13 out of 13 pays +7400
# 14 out of 14 pays +10500
# 15 out of 15 pays +15000

The keys to winning teasers is to tease the number not the team.

During the season you might see Carolina playing New York where Carolina is laying 7 points. Now you don’t want to lay that many since you have to win by two scores. This doesn’t really mean that you like New York, just that 7 is a bad number and if you can tease that number down to -1/2 then it’s worth a look. -1/2 is a great number because the game isn’t likely to end in a tie, so -1/2 and +1 are worth almost the same.

This is why for 6.5 teasers there are key numbers to look for and to take advantage of:

Also, don’t tease a number above 15 up or down using 6.5 point teasers.

Each week there are plenty of key numbers that the books have out there that open themselves to being bet using different teaser point values.

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