Betting 10-Point Football Teasers

During football season a great way to make a little extra cash is with teasers. The average gambler either plays this type of bet completely wrong, or they don’t understand what they are doing and thus avoid it altogether. If you have never tried a teaser bet then you are missing out on what I think is a great way to build your bankroll during the football season.

Today we are going to be analyzing the 10-point teaser. This simply means that you are being given 10 additional points for your teams, but they all have to win or else your wager is lost. For 10 point teasers the payouts normally go something like this:

#2 out of 2 pays -210
# 3 out of 3 pays -110
# 4 out of 4 pays +136
# 5 out of 5 pays +195
# 6 out of 6 pays +265
# 7 out of 7 pays +355
# 8 out of 8 pays +465
# 9 out of 9 pays +610
# 10 out of 10 pays +800
# 11 out of 11 pays +1025
# 12 out of 12 pays +1325
# 13 out of 13 pays +1700
# 14 out of 14 pays +2200
# 15 out of 15 pays +2850

All payouts are for $100 wagers. A (-) minus sign means you have to lay that much to win $100, a (+) plus sign means $100 bet wins you that amount.

So what is the best strategy with these bets? Here is our guide to playing 10 point teasers, remember to tease the number and not the team. That means that you really want to take advantage of getting the best odds and not worry as much about handicapping an individual teams chances of winning. You want to make it past as many key numbers as you can.

Ten point teaser are pretty simple in comparison to 6.5 point teasers.

Now this doesn’t mean just jump in and tease every game that is sitting on either 11.5 or 12, that would be pretty mindless and stupid. You should continue to do your handicapping and if the numbers make sense for a play either way then it’s time to unload on it. I don’t put as much time handicapping the actual matchups as much with teasers as I do when betting sides or totals, but it’s not just blindingly throwing action out there either.

Another example when a 10 point teaser is great.

Iowa is a -19.5 favorite at home against Iowa State. If you like Iowa then lay -9.5 to get the key numbers on your side, so the better team needs to win by only a touchdown and a field goal.

If you can make a case for Iowa State then you get +29.5 with lots of key numbers in there that can’t beat you.

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