Betting NFL or College Football, Which is Better?

Over at ESPN’s Page 2, they recently asked, “Which is better, college football or NFL?”  That got me thinking about, not only which sports is “better”, but which sport is better to bet on.  Here are my thoughts, but I would love to hear what you guys think as well in the comments!


The NFL features the best of the best players from college, so it has to be better than college, right?  NFL players are bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter football players, but unfortunately that doesn’t always translate into better football.  NFL games are lower-scoring, and a bit more predictable in terms of how each team is going to approach the game.  There are also less plays for huge yardage.  Most of the NFL’s weaknesses are part of it’s biggest strength, which is parody.  The talent level on even the worst NFL team is so great that literally any team can beat any other team on any given Sunday.

College Football

The college game feels looser when you watch in, more wide-open.  You might get to see a 500 yard passing game or a 200 yard rushing game, something that rarely happens in the NFL.  The sacrifice is that the play is sloppier.  More mistakes are made, and games can get down right ugly.  The talent level has risen at the college ranks, but it still lacks the parody of the NFL.  In several match ups throughout the season, teams are so clearly dominant that it’s rarely a question of who will win, but by how many points.  You also have to give it up for college rivalries, which extend throughout the country.  You just don’t see as many passionate rivalries across the US for NFL teams.

Which is the best to bet on?

That all depends.  I’m a firm believer that you need to treat each individual game as just that, an individual game, no matter the sport.  I prefer the NFL because I find it more predictable, and less emotional.  That’s not to say it’s without emotion, but these guys are “professional”, and, I feel, less prone to “let down” games or mental collapse.  It happens, but it’s far less frequent.

So who’s the winner in the NFL vs College Football debate?  We are, of course, because we get to enjoy watching and betting on them both!

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