Sports Betting: Setting Realistic Expectations

You see handicappers cropping up all over the Internet claiming they hit 75 or 80% of their games. These guys are not handicappers, they are salesmen and what they have done is ingrained it in the minds of novice sports bettors that you have to hit that high of a percentage to make good money wagering on sports. They have created a total misconception of what it takes to be successful in this business. Many gamblers are now thinking that winning less then 70-75% of your wagers is worthless and that is a complete fallacy. Now most sports bettors have unrealistic expectations and feel that if they don’t hit at an ungodly percentage, that they are failing at sports betting and it’s simply not true.

True professionals look to hit 58-60% of their wagers over the course of the long haul. And anyone who tells you that you can’t make a lot of money hitting at that clip is not telling the truth. I have studied winning percentages over the course of my career and have found it to be true that hitting 60% is not only profitable, but it can lead you to mountains of money. Take Billy Walters for example, the most successful sports gambler of all time, he has openly expressed that his goal is to hit 60% throughout the course of any given season. If you manage your money correctly 6 out of 10 just keeps on compounding and compounding into ridiculous profits.

By using an economic principal, the time value of money, I have found that if you wager 5% of bankroll on one game a day and hit 60%, you could be multi-millionaire. However, if you continue to hit at that clip, you will eventually have your action limited by sports books throughout the world, so it’s not a totally realistic expectation. However, the proof is in the pudding. Hitting 60% of your games can lead to mountains of cash.

There are simply too many human elements to ever win at the rates that some scamdicappers claim. Remember you are betting on human beings, not robots. If every game went the way it is supposed to go, everyone would win 100% of the time. Lower your expectations and focus on hitting 60% and you will be a huge success in the sports betting world.

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