How to Use a Sports Handicapper

Are you a sports bettor who just cannot seem to win on your own? Don’t get discouraged. The fact of the matter is that about 90% of people who bet on sports lose. That doesn’t stop the majority of them from continuing to bet. Some just do it for the action, while others take it more seriously, but in the end both types of bettors usually come out of it down money.

No matter what type of bettor you are, there are services out there that can provide you with advice to help you win. These services are known as sports handicappers. You pay them a set amount of money, and in return they provide advice on where to invest your money in sports betting.

It’s similar to the stock market. There are stockbrokers out there who charge a fee or commission for executing buy and sell orders submitted by an investor. I like to compare my job as a sports handicapper to that of a stockbroker, because in all reality, it’s essentially the same thing. I buy low and sell high on teams in sports, while brokers buy low and sell high on stocks.

So, if you are looking for some advice because you cannot win on your own, then turn to a sports handicapper. Now, how do you go about picking which sports handicapper to use? Well, I could just tell you that I’m the best and you shouldn’t trust in anyone else, but in all reality there are plenty of proven winners out there like myself. Let’s take a look at how you should go about choosing and using a sports handicapper.

How to Choose a Sports Handicapper

This comes down to which sports you are interested in wagering on. Some handicappers show a profit consistently in all sports, while others specialize in specific sports. If you are looking for a handicapper who you can trust to show a profit while betting every day of the 365-day calendar year, then you need to choose a handicapper that is good at all sports.

Here at Betfirm, we track our handicappers’ picks so that you, the customer, can find out just how every handicapper is doing in each sport. If you are looking for a handicapper that is consistently profitable in all sports, then you should choose someone from our Overall Leaderboard. This leaderboard shows you the best long-term streaks in all sports from our handicappers.

If you only want to bet basketball, then check out the Basketball Leaderboard to find the best long-term records of handicappers when combining both college basketball and the NBA. If you want to bet NBA or college basketball individually, then be sure to check out our NBA Leaderboard or our College Basketball Leaderboard.

The majority of bettors usually wager on football. This is the most popular sport in America. So, check out our Football Leaderboard to find the bet long-term streaks in in college football and the NFL combined. You can also take a look at our NFL Leaderboard and our College Football Leaderboard if you only want one or the other.

Understanding Units Won

All of our handicappers are submitting 100 units per pick. This makes our handicappers easy to track because each pick is worth an equal amount of 100 units. So, if you see that a handicapper is up 1,000 units over a particular stretch, then that means it would be equivalent to him going 10-0. If you see a handicapper is up 10,000 units over a stretch, that would be the equivalent of going 100-0.

If a handicapper is up 10,000 units, it’s not due to a 100-0 run. It would more likely be something in the neighborhood of a 540-400 (57.4%) run. Say he’s betting 110 units to win 100 on every pick when you factor in 10% for juice. He would have won 54,000 units on his winning picks, while losing 44,000 units on his 400 losing picks due to the 10% juice. That leaves a profit of 10,000 units. If you’re betting $100 per pick at 100 units, then you would win $10,000 if he was up 10,000 units.

Handicapper Rating Systems

This is a key factor in maximizing your profits. Each handicapper has a different rating system, so it is important to understand what each rating system means. Our units system to track handicappers only allows for 100 units per pick, but handicappers aren’t going to recommend that you bet the same amount of money on every pick.

You will see all kinds of different rating systems out there. Some handicappers will have a rating system from 1* to 5* with the 5* being the strongest pick. Some will have 6* to 10* with the 10* being the strongest pick. Others will have 100* to 1000* with the 1000* being the strongest pick.

I want you to understand that a 1000* pick for one handicapper can be worth the same as a 5* pick for a different handicapper. The key for you is to bet more on the stronger picks, and less on the weaker picks to maximize your profits. I’m going to give you an example of my rating system below and how much you should bet on each pick.  You should be able to translate this method to the rating systems that other handicappers use as well.

My Rating System & Bankroll Advice

My rating system only has three different levels of picks. I have 15* picks, 20* picks and 25* picks. My 15* picks are the most common, but they are the weakest of my three levels of picks. My 20* picks are the second-strongest, while my 25* picks are the absolute strongest.

Determining how much you should bet on each pick depends on the size of your starting bankroll. You want to set aside a bankroll that you can afford to bet on sports with, and then go from there. Let’s just say that you can afford to set aside $10,000 for a starting bankroll to bet on sports.

I recommend betting 5% of your starting bankroll on the 25* picks, 4% on the 20* picks, and 3% on the 15* picks. So, with a $10,000 starting bankroll, you would be betting $550 to win $500 on the 25* picks, $440 to win $400 on the 20* picks, and $330 to win $300 on the 15* picks.

Most novice bettors will be betting way too much of their bankroll on each pick. Plus, some of them will chase when they are losing, and press when they are winning. The key to winning over the long term is to bet consistently the same amount each pick based on the rating system no matter whether you’re on a losing streak or a winning streak.

You have to have a clear mindset and not allow outside factors influence how much you are betting. The biggest key to winning is bankroll management. You should never be betting more than 5% of your bankroll on any pick. If you stick to this conservative approach while following a sports handicapper with a proven track record, then I have no doubt your return on investment will be very rewarding in the end.

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