NBA Handicapping: A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Basketball

Getting started with betting on the NBA is not difficult, however, if you are new to the idea then it can be a little bit intimidating. There are plenty of terms and betting options to acclimate yourself to, so what we’ve tried to do with this article is lay out answers to basic questions so that you can be confident to get started.

Where Can I Place NBA Bets?

For starters, you can check out our top betting sites. You can also wager in-person at any of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas. If you’re like most people visiting this page, you don’t live in Las Vegas or won’t be going there anytime soon, so the first option is probably going to work best for you. We’ve researched all of the top online sportsbooks and identified those that are the best for betting the NBA.

Why Should I Bet the NBA Online?

Mostly because it’s so easy. You can place wagers from the comfort of your own home or, at most books, on your mobile phone from just about anywhere in the world. Online books are also able to offer you reduced juice and big bonus offers, something that Las Vegas books aren’t able to do. They are also a better alternative than using a local bookie, who will usually allow you to bet with money you don’t have. Online books take this out of the equation by only allowing you to wager what you’ve already deposited into your account.

How Do the Odds Work for NBA Gambling?

We’ve detailed this in another article called NBA odds explained, which you should definitely check out if you are new to betting. You’ll most likely be wagering against the point spread or on the total of the game.

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