Golf Betting

If you are thinking about betting on golf at all this year then we want to make sure your experience is all fairways and greens.  Take a look at our quick guide and also which places we recommend for when you take your golf betting online.

Betting to Win the Tournament

One of the most popular ways to bet on the PGA Tour is to bet on who is going to win the tournament each week.  While golf is an unpredictable sport, you can get some great value if you can figure out which golfer has the best chance of winning each week.  You will often find favorites getting 10-to-1 odds with some solid underdogs in the 30-to-1 range and the real value would be picking a 200-to-1 dog.  That means for a $10 bet you can get $2,000 back in winnings, not too shabby by anyone’s standards!  Most of the time the book will also offer a 10-to-1 option on the field, so if a golfer isn’t listed to be picked invidually, they will be lumped together and you get more bang for your buck.  Our writers and experts here at BetFirms will focus more on the golf odds on who is going to win the tournament each week, and you can find them in the PGA golf predictions section of the site.

With the major tournaments like the Masters, US Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship you will find futures posted several weeks in advance.  These are the same kind of thing as what is posted the week of, but due to their popularity you can bet on who you think is going to win the tournament weeks and even months in advance.  The risk you take here though is if a golfer gets injured (think Tiger in the 2008 US Open) and you really don’t have much of a shot of winning your bet then, unless of course you bet on Superman himself.

Head-to-Head Betting

Another way to make golf bets is to take who is going to win a head-to-head matchup.  The books will list Player A against Player B and you just have to decide who is going to play better that day.  This is a very popular bet on Sundays when the tournament is coming down to the wire.

Where to Bet

There are quite a few different places online to bet on golf, but we recommend Bookmaker above all others. Bookmaker has easy deposit and payout methods, gives a 20% bonus on your initial deposit, and has more betting options on golf than almost anywhere else on the web.  You really can’t go wrong with one of the oldest and most trusted sportsbooks on the web, so sign up with them today and get started betting golf online!

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