Belmont Stakes Betting Guide for Beginners

Betting on horses can be one of the more exciting gambles you make.  Not only do you get the joy of watching the race, you get immediate results. On Saturday, June 8, fans get a treat when the 151st running of the Belmont Stakes gets underway from Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.  Unfortunately, there is no horse trying for the coveted Triple Crown this year, but it should still be an exciting race.

There is plenty action that can be placed on a single horse race.  You can stick to straight bets such as win, place and show, but it’s always enticing to try out the exotics due to the bigger payouts.  Before you ever place a bet, I suggest you take a close look at each horse and pick the one you think will cross the finish line first.

The next step is to take a look at some of these bets we have for you and take the one that you feel most comfortable with. If you are looking for some help, I am giving away my picks on the 2019 Belmont Stakes for free. This 1.5-mile track is very demanding on these contenders, so the pedigree and stamina of the horse is a huge aspect to factor in. Here is a look at some bets you might be interested in making this coming weekend.

How to Bet the Belmont Stakes – Wager Types

Straight Bets

Win –This is the easiest and the most common of bets. All you do is pick the winner at given odds, and you only win if the horse you pick comes in 1st.

Place – This bet gives you a little extra insurance.  It allows the horse that you pick to finish the race either 1st or 2nd. Though your chances of winning are improved, the amount you can win drops heavily. If you are torn between two horses, then this is usually a good and safe bet to make.

Show – If you want to improve your chances even more of cashing in a winning ticket, than the show bet is what you’re looking for. You simply pick a horse and all it has to do is finish in the top three and you win. However, this bet doesn’t pay very well unless it’s a big long shot.

Exotic Bets

Quiniela – To win this bet you have to pick the two horses you think will finish 1st and 2nd in either order. This is where things get a little harder as you are forced to find two horses instead of one.

Quiniela Box – This is a much easier bet as you can pick three or more horses and all that needs to happen for you to win is for two of the horses to finish in the top two.

Exacta – This bet is pretty much the same idea as the Quiniela, but you are required to pick the two horses that will finish 1st and 2nd in the exact order.

Exacta Box – Same as the Exacta, except you pay more for the opportunity to have your two horses come in 1st and 2nd in ANY order.

Trifecta – The Trifecta is similar to the Exacta, except you are required to pick the exact 1-2-3 finish to the race.

Trifecta Box – This is a little easier than the normal Trifecta.  You pick three or more horses to finish in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in ANY order. This is a popular bet for almost all horse bettors because it can return a massive payout.

Superfecta – To win this bet you really need to have some luck.  You are asked to pick the exact order of the first four horses to cross the finish line. Its hard enough to pick one or two horses to finish in order, and picking four is nearly impossible.  Your best bet would be to place a Superfecta Box to increase your chances, but that costs a lot more when you’re boxing four horses.

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