T.J. Pemberton

TJ Pemberton is one of the best up-and-coming handicappers in the game today. Having just started his career in 2012, you might think he’s gotten off to a beginner’s slow start. But in reality, he’s been doing his homework for years, and only recently have his skills come to light.

In his first few years of handicapping he’s made a huge mark in baseball, basketball and football. He aims to follow in the paths of the handicapping greats. To that effect, he takes pride in his discipline and money management skills. He takes a flat betting approach and will never try to pressure sell you on a pick. He is all about developing long-term client relationships.

Of course, there won’t be any long-term client relationships without wins. In just a short time, TJ has already notched six top 10 finishes, all in different categories. But the most impressive thing about his record is what he’s doing right now.

He’s among 2016’s leaders in overall handicapping, going 530-415 since early January. That record has earned his subscribers a massive $7,100 in profit over the last nine months. That’s massive return on investment, and a huge part of it has come from a monster MLB season. His 2016 MLB season has earned him and his subscribers over $5,600 so far, with the playoffs still to go.

Despite being a relative newcomer, TJ is already establishing himself as a guy to watch. He is already showing big profits, sharp money habits, and consistency. There’s not much else you can ask for.