Teddy Davis

Teddy Davis is a newcomer to our network, but it’s hard to imagine a guy making a bigger splash to start. There wasn’t too much fanfare to the start of his career, and he keeps his picks low-key. He runs his capping service like you’d expect from a former collegeiate golfer.

He didn’t start out giving his picks crazy names or pressure selling clients on his picks. He just started putting out picks and winning. A lot.

He just ran away with the entire 2015-16 basketball season, blowing away the field. It wasn’t even much of a challenge. He made over $10,000 on just the 2015-16 basketball season alone. And that’s his first season on record. He hit 59.8% of over 600 picks over the course of that season, with a 368-247 record. Part of that is a 212-141 in NBA capping, a 60.1% record worth over $6,000. In NCAA basketball, he went 156-106, a 59.5% rate with over $4,200 in profit.

His first MLB season has been a success as well. Since late May, he is hitting 58% of his MLB picks, good for almost $2,000 in profit.

Remember, this is Teddy’s first season on record, so you can chalk this up to beginner’s luck at your own risk. This is the perfect time to get in with one of the brightest young stars in sports handicapping. Sure, you can wait for him to build up more of a reputation if you want. But how much profit are you willing to miss out on in the process?