Steve Janus

Steve Janus

5x Top 20 NBA Handicapper, 4x Top 20 NCAAB, 2x Top 5 NCAAF Football (#1 Overall 2008) & 3x Top 20 NFL


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Steve Janus is a handicapper looking to make some changes. He has learned the traditional methods of handicapping, and he understands their value. But rather than get complacent with those established styles, Steve works to improve.

Steve uses the broad new range of information available in the digital era to make good decisions. But with the rise of online sources, there is more information than ever available. And not all the information is exactly reliable. Steve knows that, and has put considerable time into determining good sources from bad.

His analysis tends to put him on the opposite side of conventional wisdom. That means you may feel unsafe with some of his picks, but you’ll also be on the right side of a bunch of upsets.

College football is Steve’s passion, and he’ll be the first to admit it. He has a pair of top 10 finishes in college football capping, including a #1 finish in 2008. But he also has 11 other top 10 finishes in other sports, so don’t convince yourself he’s only good in one area.

Quite the opposite, in fact. In all sports, he is riding a 55% streak that has earned subscribers more than $4,400 in profit. His NBA and MLB streaks have both earned more than $2,400 in profit. And from February 2016’s Super Bowl, he’s on a 14-3 NFL tear worth over $1,000.

So no matter what sport you’re hoping to bet, Steve is going to have two things. One of them is solid analysis and information. The other is profitable picks. Those are the two things you want from your capper.