Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer brings a long history of handicapping experience and success to the table. And not only that, he also comes as an established sports personality on TV and radio.

But nevermind the background and the media exposure. What Scott is most proud of is his record. He’s a high-volume handicapper who still maintains a high winning percentage. That’s about as rare to find as a five-leaf clover. Over five seasons of NFL and college football, Scott put out over 500 picks, and hit 59% against the spread.

Scott is one of the most consistent, profitable football handicappers out there. He even takes his talents north of the border. In 2014-15, he finished as the #3 handicapper in the CFL. He maintains a 62% streak in CFL betting even now. But that’s just a tiny fraction of Scott’s record.

In all sports, Scott is hitting 55% of his picks since December 2015, good for $2,775 in profit. His MLB and basketball streaks are both over $1,900 in profit, and are hitting 59% and 57%. He’s hitting over 60% on his NCAA basketball picks, and his Top NBA picks.

Since 2012, Scott has five top 10 finishes, all in different sports. This just shows Scott’s work ethic in finding winning bets in every sport, everywhere. He caps the major sports, but also brings in some extra bankroll with CFL, NFL preseason, and soccer.

With Scott, you may not always be betting sports you follow or watch on TV. But you can be sure you’re going to pulling ROI and making consistent profit.