Red Dog Sports

Virginia-based Red Dog Sports has 20 years of experience in the sports handicapping business. They have spent that time capping football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer. And after 20 years of practice, they have gotten pretty good at it.

Red Dog sets itself apart from many other North American handicappers by betting soccer. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and there is always a ton of action to if you have the right lines. Red Dog Sports makes it their business to find those lines. In fact, they’ll find strong betting lines in any sport, as long as it’s profitable. Even the WNBA isn’t safe, as they’re hitting those picks at a 61% clip right now.

One of the things to look at with any group that has been around for a long time is whether they still have “it.” Some cappers coast on their reputation, and don’t have any recent results to show. Not Red Dog, which has had a huge part of its success in the last five years.

Since 2011, Red Dog has seven finishes in the top 10, including a #5 finish in overall capping for 2013. Add to that the fact that their current all sports streak has earned subscribers about $3,000. That’s on top of MLB, NCAA basketball and WNBA streaks that all sit above $1,000 profit.

The formula here is clear. Follow Red Dog Sports, earn profit. You may not always follow the sport they pick, but rest assured, they know it well enough to beat the books on it. And that just means an increase in your bankroll.