NFL Standings & ATS Records

Find out which teams are cashing for bettors this season with our NFL ATS standings. Our handicappers use stats like these to help them make their picks throughout the season. If you have the time and dedication it takes to study these statistics, as well as the point spreads each week, we know you can be successful at betting the NFL this season.

Keep in mind that these ATS standings are only showing how a team has done against the spread to this point in the season, which doesn’t necessarily mean a lot if you don’t look at many of the other factors that go into wagering. You should also know that certainly all of the sportsbooks are also going to be aware of these ATS records, which they will no doubt factor in when they set their lines.

One factor you will want to take a look at before making your predictions each week is the home versus road splits for each team, as well as how well the team has done this season against their conference or division. This can give you an idea of how each team in a particular match up has fared against similar competition. These ATS standings should be considered another useful tool in your betting toolbox. There are many more important factors that you will want to take under consideration, but there is no reason not to find every possible edge you can when you bet the NFL this season.

There are two important points about NFL trends and ATS standings that I want to touch on. First, remember that streaks are made to be broken and that while past success can be a good indicator of future success, it by no means guarantees it. Second, be aware that just because a team appears “due” to win or lose, you should never place a bet based solely on that appearance. While these two points are at odds with each other, it helps us make our overall point that you can never do too much studying when you are putting your own hard-earned money on the line.