NFL Futures

NFL futures are growing in popularity every season and if you know what you are doing they can be a profitable form of betting. If you are new to wagering on sports, you might be asking just what is a futures bets? As the name indicates, futures are wagers on outcomes that take place at a later date. The most popular type of futures for the NFL are probably regular season win totals. For this type of bet the sportsbook will set a number for each team, your bet being whether that team will have more or less wins than the set number. Easy, right? Here are some more examples of future NFL wagers that are usually available before the start of each season:

For futures like betting on who will win the Super Bowl you’ll get different odds for each team. For example, the Colts might be anticipated as one of the best teams that particular year, so they might be listed at 7-1 odds (or +700) meaning a $100 wager on them would win you $700 were the Colts to end up winning the Super Bowl. For teams that aren’t anticipated to do as well, we’ll use the Buffalo Bills as an example; you’ll get “better” odds because they aren’t as likely to win. For these teams something like 100-1 (or +10000) is pretty common, meaning a $100 bet would get you $10,000. It’s not likely, but the option is out there. The real value with futures, however, isn’t on the favorites or huge underdogs (usually), it’s going to be on those teams who are somewhere in the middle of the pack, but have an easy schedule or are simply just underrated. Below are the current available NFL futures for your consideration. For regular season betting be sure to check our latest odds from the top sportsbooks in the industry.