MLB Standings

At BetFirm we continue to strive to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information and resources for all of your baseball betting needs. As part of that promise, what we have here are the most current standings for this season in Major League Baseball. What sets these standings apart from what most sites offer is that you don’t just get a team’s overall record and home/away records. These standings also offer a picture of how each team has done in terms of wagering on them in different situations throughout the year.

With this tool you are able to see how well you would have done to this point in the season by betting on a team in every game they’ve played or betting on them only at home, away, as an underdog, or as a favorite. This is going to help you see the different patterns that start to emerge throughout the baseball season for different teams.

You will be able to see which teams are worth betting on and under what circumstances they win the most. Anyone who has had any kind of success betting on baseball can tell you that it is important to study these kinds of patterns in wins and losses, especially as it pertains to money won or lost in certain situations.

If you take the time to study this information yourself, I have no doubt you’ll be well on your way to being successful at beating the odds this season. Our primary goal here at BetFirm is to help you win money, these standings, built specifically with the MLB bettor in mind, will only help us reach our goal, and you to build a bigger bankroll this season.