Mikey Sports

Mikey Sports has a history of success in sports handicapping. He has a unique power ranking system for every pick he puts out. He uses line value, trend analysis, and statistical matchups to put out picks backed by hard data. It’s a scientific method that doesn’t rely on hunches or anecdotal analysis.

His plays are rated 3-5, based on sport, strength of schedule, and relevant stats. Nothing he posts is on accident, and none of his plays come without painstaking research. Don’t expect to find anybody to outwork Mikey in what he does best. Mikey puts out every pick like it’s the most important pick he’ll post.

Better still, Mikey’s results actually show his attention to detail. His Top MLB picks are hitting at a 58% clip and have earned over $1,300 in profit on $100 bets. His best sport his MLB, but he has more going for him than that. His picks across all sports are hitting at a 56% rate, and he’s over 70% betting the NFL preseason.

But that’s just what he’s doing right now. His records over time show an even stronger picture. Mikey has notched 17 different top 10 finishes in the last 8 years. That’s including a #1 finish in NCAA basketball and an overall championship in 2008. He has top 10s in MLB, NFL, NBA, and both college sports, so you can feel confident in his versatility.

Mikey brings a combination of versatility, data-driven methods, and results you can trust. His subscribers enjoy a steady stream of profit, and you can count yourself among them. Winning is only a few clicks away.