Larry Ness

Larry Ness is a 33-year veteran of the sports handicapping industry. That’s a major accomplishment in and of itself. After all, people don’t stick around in the sports capping industry by losing. Larry has earned his spot as one of the most respected handicappers in the industry.

This is a guy who details his picks with straightforward logic and simple analyses. He doesn’t spend a lot of time looking at trends or analyzing intangibles. He takes a more straightforward approach: team strengths and weaknesses.

Larry also analyzes the lines on the games to see where the bookmakers may have made a mistake. His vast experience helps him here. Not only does he have connections with several sports books, but he has seen enough of these lines to know a good one. That ability to spot a line that’s out of place with the matchup is something that comes with experience.

Not a big believer in experience as proof of great sports handicapping? Not impressed with the TV appearances and the major media appearances? Fine, that’s understandable. This is a business about money and results, so let’s talk about money and results.

Larry is hitting 55% of his picks or better in six different categories, just over the last few months. He’s hit 55% of more than 400 picks he’s made this MLB season. But what’s interesting is that Larry has some high winning percentages in unusual areas. He’s at 86% in CFL betting and also cleaned up in the NFL preseason.

That’s the mark of a guy who’s going to work to find winning picks, no matter where they are.